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BANG! it goes. Dangerous pirates just fired off a big cannon, the smell of powder is in the air, and waves swash over board. An island ahead – and the enemy. The pirates throw the anchor and fly their flag. Let them have it!

They are fighting, but also negotiating. An eye for an eye, a peg-leg for a peg-leg … On this pirate ship, there are no boundaries for play ideas and imagination – which is good for concentration, communication and learning skills.

Children need the right items to really profit from their play. At LEDON, you can choose between different ships, towers and islands, and all items are of course developed with the latest findings on children’s motor play and way of learning in mind.

Solid ground under their feet

All items are 100% maintenance-free and made of eco-friendly, splinter-proof polyethylene boards. Both stairs and floors are coated with skid-proof rubber.

Do you have questions?

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