We are making a difference and creating a better world for the next generation.

The triple bottom line

The triple bottom line is a sustainable business model that was developed in the 1990s and created to encourage companies to incorporate more values into their way of doing business. It creates an awareness that, as a company, you influence and are responsible towards people, the environment and the economy.

We want to create a better world and make a difference. This has been one of our main ambitions ever since Leo Donbæk founded LEDON in 1969. This is also very much our ambition when it comes to taking our social responsibility seriously and passing on a better world to the next generation.

Therefore, we embrace the philosophy of the triple bottom line for social, environmental and economic sustainability. We always strive to improve our performance, and we are keen to achieve complete sustainability on all three parameters, but we have already come a long way.

Social sustainability:

Working conditions: Our employees’ working conditions are certified by the Danish Working Environment Authority and have been awarded a green smiley. We have achieved this by, among other things, minimising noise levels in production and by automating hard physical tasks and repetitive monotonous work using CNC machines and robots.

Danish labour: We are a Danish family business based in Arnum in southern Jutland, and we take pride in employing Danish labour. The average seniority among our production workforce is 15+ years. This testifies to a dedicated team that upholds high standards of quality and Danish craftsmanship.

Inclusive workplace: With a Danish workforce and Danish working conditions, we can take on employees as flexi-jobbers, for work aptitude testing and in internships for job seekers. Diversity is important for us, and at the same time we believe that it adds value for the employees and to the working environment.

Reliable suppliers: We work with a lot of Danish suppliers. Many are family businesses with whom we have been working for a long time. Therefore, we know that the working conditions are good, and it also means that we are supporting the Danish economy. Today, 80% of LEDON’s suppliers are Danish.

Environmental sustainability:

Zero-waste production: For the past 10 years and more, we have had zero-waste production, as we recycle all our waste material. For example, the waste from our polyethylene boards becomes part of the black core in new boards. In this way, we make the most of our materials and do not burden the environment unnecessarily.

Combined shipments: We go out of our way to combine our shipments to suppliers and customers in order to reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

No toxic substances: Our materials are all non-toxic, and we do not use any toxic substances in production. Our polyethylene boards (PE boards) are approved in accordance with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and the US food safety act. Therefore, we can guarantee that our PE boards contain no harmful substances. This ensures that they are completely safe for children – and for our employees.

Optimised material use: Every time we cut parts from our PE boards, we have devised ways of using the boards in the best possible way. This is how we optimise material use while keeping the consumption of new materials to a minimum.

Minimal use of packaging: When packing our goods, we always assemble them into larger components to minimise the amount of packaging required.

Environmentally conscious partners: We always seek to establish relations with companies that share our values. Our plastics suppliers, for example, are actively trying to live up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and have already reduced their CO2 emissions and energy consumption significantly over the past five years.

Financial sustainability:

Responsible shipping: By combining our shipments, we are not just cutting our consumption of packaging materials. It is also helping to reduce the risk of transport damage, which is benefiting customer satisfaction and our finances, as we are not having to replace damaged products.

Reducing materials consumption: By minimising our consumption of new materials, we are saving on the purchase of materials. At the same time, we are recycling as many components and materials in production as possible, which also helps to reduce our resource consumption and costs.

Education, research and development: We collaborate with students on projects that aim to generate new knowledge about both play and design as well as robotics to improve our production and design process. We also provide further training for employees in order to upgrade and further develop their skills.

Healthy business: As a healthy company, we are supporting the Danish economy. We are doing so by, among other things, exporting playground equipment, cooperating with Danish suppliers and by supporting and creating Danish jobs.

Competitiveness: We make the most of new technological advances and new knowledge to improve our competitiveness and build a resource-efficient value chain.

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