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LEDON Explore

Many explorers have done it – they travelled around the world, fought their way through the jungle, hid away, got discovered and escaped again. Now it is the children’s turn…

There is a treasure hidden somewhere, and you’ve got to get down on your tummy, to crawl, jump up, leap, run and swing from one branch to the other. Your friends are with you – but so are your enemies. You must be alert! And you need to trust your own strength, to challenge the impossible. You mustn’t be afraid of what might be waiting around the next waterfall. On your quest of the Holy Grail, you will have to pass a number of ordeals. It’s a matter of life or death. Nature and its symbols make a perfect framework for the children’s imagination.

LEDON Explore is a series that makes you want to discover, play and learn – in the middle of nature. We are in a jungle where anything can happen. Huts, rope bridges, lianas and wildlife are the setting – just get ready and get going!

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