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What’s lurking around the corner?

No human has set foot in this jungle before. Monkeys screech and swing from the vines, while lions and snakes lie in wait in the dense undergrowth. The explorers have to keep their eyes and ears open, and exercise extreme caution with every step.

But discoveries don’t just happen – so it’s a question of tightening your tropical helmet and moving further into the wilderness.

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Play value

Video presentation of LEDON Castle

Play is serious business

By Michal Thamdrup, co-head of the nursery and kindergarten, Børnehuset Nobi in Denmark

Playgrounds are often regarded as places where children are free from the serious business of learning that takes place at school or in childcare institutions. However, play is a key element in children’s upbringing, enabling them to learn more about themselves and develop new skills.

Through my work as head of a kindergarten, I have become increasingly interested in designing and equipping the institution’s outdoor areas in the best possible way. It is important to create development and learning environments that stimulate children’s imagination and curiosity, and give them the best conditions for developing their skills.

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At eye level with the children

By Karen Feder, PhD student in child focused design of play, Design School Kolding

A successful toy product always has its original source in children’s motivation, curiosity, wonder and passion. A child-focused approach to designing toy products can help to ensure that the design is actually for those who create and experience play- ing at the end point, namely the children. Therefore, it is important that the child-focused perspective is implemented before the actual product develop- ment starts. Here, it is not only about inviting the children into the design process, but as an adult to invite oneself into the lives of the children.

Children are experts when it comes to playing, and for that reason, it is important that we acknowledge this and involve them in the development process.

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