Play is essential for children’s development, and therefore it is important that playgrounds and play areas at day care institutions meet children’s needs to engage in different types of play. The playground must also be a learning environment where childcare professionals are able to support the children in their creative pursuits and activities.
Below you will find an overview of relevant information to help you in the process of creating a new playground at your institution.

We do our job so you can do yours:

All our play equipment has been developed in collaboration with children – from idea to prototype.

Our play equipment comes in a multitude of colours and with moving parts which catch the children’s attention and inspire them to use their imagination when playing.

Safety is paramount at any playground. Therefore, we use high-quality materials and have our play equipment certified and safety-approved.

LEDON has dealers all over the world with the training and expertise needed to offer knowledgeable advice about our solutions.

What do you need to know as an institution?

In our articles, you can read about how we develop our play equipment in collaboration with children and find information about playground safety as well as specific advice for institutions on particularly important aspects of playground design. All the articles can be found in our knowledge centre.

Advice for day care institutions

Why choose LEDON?

How do we co-develop our products together with children?

Safety and certification

Which theme world is right for you?

Our six imaginative theme worlds each constitute a complete play universe. Day care institutions love our LEDON MiniPlay series in particular, which is designed for the youngest. The series has been developed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals, and is therefore specially designed to support children in their development while at the same time supporting childcare professionals in their work. The play systems, for example, are at just the right height so that childcare professionals can help the children without having to adopt awkward positions.

For older children, our LEDON Explore and LEDON Pirates series are especially popular solutions. Both series feature a wide selection of play equipment with many activities and play zones. The play equipment can therefore accommodate different age groups, and many children can play at the same time without disturbing each other.

Explore our different universes or read more about why we have decided to develop theme worlds.

Stor vedligeholdelsesfri jungle legeplads med masser af legenede børn.

LEDON Explore

Små børn leger på legeplads, som er særlig egnet til institutioner.

LEDON MiniPlay

Legeplads indrettet med ridder tema og legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Castle

Børn leger på et stort pirat legeskib med masser af legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Pirates

3D tegning af ledons prisbevidste kvalitets legeredskaber.


Børn lege på ledons klassiske legeredskaber, som har været populære i mange år.

LEDON Originals

Be inspired by other institutions

Looking for inspiration, or want to see what other institutions have chosen? Then take a closer look at our references. Here, we have compiled information on selected projects together with images and a product overview.

We also highlight some of our finished projects from other institutions below.

Integrated institution
Børnehuset Fladhøj

Integrated institution

Integrated institution
Børnehuset Nobi

The kindergarten Gjern Børnehus

Guidance from our dealer

Do you need advice on playground layout, or do you have any questions about our products? Our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist.