Playground welcomed by both children and childcare professionals

At Børnehuset Fladhøj, an integrated day care institution and kindergarten in southern Denmark, the children and childcare professionals have been given new play equipment for the outdoor playground. It comprises the play environment Filippa and the Brum the Bee crawling bridge from our MiniPlay series, which is particularly suitable for institutions.

MiniPlay has been developed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals, and focuses on giving the youngest children a good start early in life by developing their motor skills. The childcare professionals at Børnehuset Fladhøj are particularly pleased with the floor height of the play system, which has been designed so that the adults do not have to adopt unergonomic positions when helping children to play. The staff are therefore able to follow the children around the entire play system without having to bend down.

The Filippa play system features many colours, moving parts and play activities that catch the children’s attention and encourage them to use their fine motor skills and practise their language skills. The childcare professionals at Fladhøj are also pleased that the children’s gross motor skills are challenged as they move from one level to another. The gentle slope helps children to train their balance and ability to walk.

Brum the Bee is designed to help the very youngest. It enables children to safely practise crawling, walking and standing, as they can hold onto several handles and stand firmly on the non-slip surface. At Børnehuset Fladhøj, Brum was a particularly appropriate choice. They have a group called ‘Brumbasserne’, so Brum was sure to feel completely at home with the children there.

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Skovbrynet 4
DK-6230 Rødekro, Denmark

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