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”Uuuuup and down, uuuup and down” – children just love that tickling in their tummies! When you’re up, you can view the whole playground – or even the whole world? When you’re down, you have to use your leg muscles to push yourself up again, up, up in the air!

What a wonderful thing to play with weight and equilibrium and to enjoy soothing repetition. Physical activity strengthens children’s self-confidence, their belief in their own skills, thus enhances their willingness to play with others. When seesawing, all large muscle groups get trained. That increases not only body awareness, but also social and language skills, because you can’t seesaw alone! Balancing and coordinating is a cooperation that gets children to bond!

Fun and safety need to balance

LEDON’s seesaws are made of maintenance-free, top quality material. They are equipped with skid-proof seats and ergonomic nylon handles that are easy to hold on to without freezing to them and reduce the risk for dental and eye injuries.

The seesaws’ springs can bend in all directions, the coils are designed so that no fingers can get pinched.

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