LEDON uses eco-friendly, non-toxic, long-lasting and maintenance-free material only. That is not the cheapest way to produce playground equipment, but we think it’s the better way.



All polyethylene boards have been specially developed for LEDON to ensure the highest possible quality. The material is maintenance-free and extremely hardwearing – and it also has a black core made from recycled plastic. We recycle all waste material from our polyethylene boards to ensure our production is as sustainable as possible.

The boards are non-toxic and comply with the European EN 71 standard (toy safety testing directive), parts 1-3. Moreover, the boards also comply with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as set out in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Section 177.1520 for olefin polymers.

We supply polyethylene boards in 11 different colours with a black core. Both the materials and colours of the boards are UV-stabilised, so we are able to provide a five-year guarantee against significant fading.

Fibre parts – nylon

All fibre parts are made of nylon (PA6) to prevent fingers sticking in freezing conditions. The handles are rounded and shaped to provide a good grip, which minimizes the risk of eye and dental injuries. All parts are maintenance-free, and both the raw materials and colours are UV-stabilised to prevent fading. The fibre parts are thus impact-resistant at temperatures ranging from -40°C and +100°C.

Transparent polycarbonate

The transparent domes and windows are made of transparent polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant at temperatures between -40°C and +120°C, which basically means that it is unbreakable. The material is UV-protected, so that the wind and weather do not affect its appearance, nor will the board fade despite being exposed to many hours of sunlight.

Non-slip safe-tec polyethylene

The non-slip safe-tec polyethylene board is coated with 3 mm cubic grain rubber. The specially designed cubic grain pattern ensures the best grip, even in rain and frosty weather. The non-slip safe-tec panels are used for all LEDON’s seats and floors.


LEDON’s springs are made of 18 mm special steel that can be bent in all directions. After the coiling process, the springs are treated with zink and phosphor and then covered with an impact-proof polyester lacquer.

The springs are made so no fingers will be pinched, and our patented spring fixing with self-locking nuts allow for the spring to be fixed at one point only in each end. This ensures a long operating life with a very low risk of a breaking spring. The springs are delivered with a cover for the bottom part.

Bolts and nuts

All LEDON products are assembled using maintenance-free bolts, lock nuts and specially designed aluminium bushes. This ensures the strongest construction which requires no maintenance or tightening-up. All bolts are made of hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel.


All fittings are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. The fittings are designed with rounded edges, so that children can play safely and securely without cutting or scratching themselves on sharp edges.

Metal posts

All metal posts are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. 

For some products posts are then powder-coated to highlight LEDON’s attractive colours. The powder coating is of the highest quality, and results in highly scratch- and impact-resistant surfaces. The coating process is solvent-free, and residual materials from the powder coating process are reused to ensure that the process is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Nut covers

All our nuts and bolt ends are capped with nut covers to protect children from sharp edges and the playground equipment against unwanted dismantling. Like LEDON’s other fibre parts, the nut covers are made of nylon (PA6), so that they do not fade in the sunlight and are impact-resistant at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C.


LEDON’s new rubber membrane does more than guarantee hours of fun. The membrane incorporates several layers of microfibre, making it extremely hard-wearing and protecting it from vandalism.

Ropes and nets

All ropes and nets are made of Taifun combination rope with six strands with eight steel strands in each – i.e. a total of 48 steel wires. This provides a tensile strength of 4500 kg, and the rope is therefore highly resistant to vandalism.

The rope does not rot, and will also not stretch with use. 

All climbing nets are put together with joints of impact-proof nylon (PA6).

Do you have questions?

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