What constitutes high-quality materials for us?

We only work with materials that meet the highest standards. It is crucial for us that our playgrounds are always safe, even after thousands of hours of use. Therefore, it is vital that our playgrounds are made of high-quality materials so that we can guarantee safe play environments for many years to come.

For us, quality materials are durable materials. For two of the materials we use – polyethylene and steel – we offer a lifetime warranty. At the same time, our materials require a minimum of maintenance, which in our view should be another mark of quality. It means that you save both time and money.

We also believe that high-quality materials are materials that last for several generations. Therefore, all our materials meet the highest standards, and we also ensure that they are 100% recyclable. They are part of our circular system, so we can help pass on a better world to future generations.

Our requirements for quality materials:

A long service life that guarantees safe playgrounds – even after 25 years of use.

A minimum of maintenance, so you save both time and money.

Recyclability – for the sake of future generations.

No harmful substances – to prevent exposure for our employees and for children.

Certification by an independent third party – all our play equipment is TÜV-certified.

Your guarantee of a safe playground – also in 25 years’ time

Playground safety and choice of materials go hand in hand. It is impossible to maintain high safety standards if the materials fail. For our playgrounds to last for generations, it is therefore crucial that we can rely on the materials and know how they behave over time.

As a result, we have moved away from living materials such as wood, and instead use low-maintenance alternatives. These show very few signs of wear and tear over the years, and therefore provide a high degree of reassurance as they pose no safety risk due to rotten posts or cracks, for example.

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We want to make sure that our playgrounds are totally safe and secure – for the entire life of the playground.

Tom Donbæk, Production Manager, and second-generation owner of LEDON

We know our playgrounds last for generations

We have been manufacturing playgrounds for 50+ years, and for the past 20 years using low-maintenance materials. We therefore know exactly what happens to the materials and how they change with time. Consequently, we can confidently provide 20-year warranties on all load-bearing parts as well as on all polyethylene parts.

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Circular economy, plastics and recyclability

We must and want to make a difference – also for future generations. Therefore, it is imperative for us that the materials we use are 100% recyclable. This means that our playgrounds become part of a circular economy as we recycle parts from playgrounds that need replacing many years from now. The parts are crushed into granules, for example, which can be used to make new playgrounds, rubbish bins, laundry baskets etc.

In Denmark, there are negative connotations to the term plastic, because we associate it with plastic waste, microplastics and, for example, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. However, it is important to point out that plastic comes in many different types. The polyethylene we use is not the same as the plastic used to make plastic bags, plastic bottles, disposable cutlery etc. Another big difference is that we use plastic, which can be 100% recycled once the play equipment needs replacing.

We are always working to find even more sustainable solutions, but this takes time because of our high quality and safety requirements. Our polyethylene boards, for example, have been specifically developed for us, and we have, among other things, ensured that they meet the requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and the US food safety act to avoid harmful substances. Future materials will be required to meet the same standards and more.

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All polyethylene boards have been specially developed for LEDON to ensure the highest possible quality. The material is low-maintenance and extremely hard-wearing. We also recycle all waste material from our polyethylene boards so that our production is as sustainable as possible.

The boards are non-toxic and comply with the European EN 71 Toy Safety Standard, part 1-3. Moreover, the boards also comply with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as set out in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Section 177.1520 for olefin polymers.

We supply polyethylene boards in 11 different colours with a black core. Both the materials and colours of the boards are UV-stabilised, and we are therefore able to provide a five-year guarantee against significant fading.

Metal posts

All metal posts and posts are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. The metal posts ensure a very stable construction, which does not distort with time.

On some products, the metal posts are also powder-coated to match LEDON’s striking colour scheme. The powder coating is of the highest quality, and results in highly scratch and impact-resistant surfaces, which are also graffiti-resistant. The coating process is completely solvent-free, and waste materials from the powder-coating are reused to ensure as sustainable and eco-friendly a process as possible.

Non-slip polyethylene

The non-slip Safe-Tec polyethylene board is finished with a 3 mm cubic grain rubber coating. The specially designed cubic grain pattern ensures the best possible footing, even in rainy and frosty weather. The non-slip Safe-Tec board is used for LEDON’s seats and floors.

Fibre parts – nylon

All fibre parts are made of nylon (PA6) to prevent fingers from sticking to the surface in frosty weather. The handles are rounded and shaped to provide a good grip, which minimises the risk of eye and dental injuries. All parts are low-maintenance, and both the raw materials and colours are UV-stabilised to prevent fading. The fibre parts are also impact-resistant at temperatures between -40°C and +100°C.

Transparent polycarbonate

The transparent domes and windows are made of transparent polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant between -40°C and +120°C, which basically means that it is unbreakable. The material is UV-protected, so that the wind and weather do not affect its appearance, nor will the board fade despite exposure to many hours of sunlight.

Ropes and netting

All ropes and nets are made of Tai fun rope consisting of six strands with eight steel strands in each – i.e. a total of 48 steel wires. This provides a tensile strength of 4500 kg, and the rope is therefore highly resistant to vandalism. The rope does not degrade or stretch with use.

All climbing nets are made with rope-connectors in impact-resistant nylon (PA6).

Nut covers

All our nuts and bolt ends are capped with nut covers to protect children from sharp edges. The nut covers also protect the play equipment from being dismantled unnecessarily.

Like LEDON’s other fibre parts, the nut covers are made of nylon (PA6), so that they do not fade in the sunlight and are impact-resistant at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C.

Bolts and nuts

All the play equipment is assembled using low-maintenance bolts, locking nuts and specially designed aluminium bushings. This ensures the strongest construction, one which requires only a minimum of maintenance or tightening-up. All bolts are made of hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel.


All fittings are hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. The fittings are designed with rounded edges, so that children can play safely and securely without cutting or scratching themselves on sharp edges.


In addition to guaranteeing many hours of fun, the rubber membrane incorporates several layers of microfibre that make it extremely hard-wearing while protecting the play equipment from vandalism.


Our springs are made of 18 mm special spring steel, which can withstand seesawing and rocking in all directions. After being formed, the springs are zinc-phosphorated, and then coated with an impact-resistant polyester lacquer.

The springs are designed to prevent fingers from getting caught, and our patented spring fixing with self-locking nuts means that the spring is only secured in one place at each end. This ensures a long service life and minimises the risk of snapping. The springs are supplied with a matching cover.

Questions for our materials?

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Everyone should be able to afford a quality playground

Everyone should be able to afford a quality playground that lasts for generations. Therefore, we have developed a number of different theme worlds to suit different age groups and price ranges without compromising on quality. LEDON Basic is our most budget-friendly series. The materials and warranties are the same as for all our other play equipment. However, we have focused in particular on optimising material consumption and the size of panels and floors, for example. The result is innovative solutions and play equipment made from high-quality materials at low prices.


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