Playgrounds are a sure hit with families with young children looking for something entertaining and fun to do during their leisure time. They have immense appeal with playful children and their parents. Therefore, playgrounds are often key to attracting visitors to amusement parks and tourist attractions etc. and to making them stay for as long as possible. Does your campsite, restaurant, amusement park etc. want to invest in a playground? Below, we have compiled an overview of relevant information that will help you get started.

Let the experiences start here – what we can do for you:

Our different theme worlds guarantee play equipment that appeals to all age groups, and they are available in all price ranges.

All our play equipment is made of durable, low-maintenance and vandalism-proof materials, which ensures that your playground will last for many years.

Safety is paramount at any playground. Therefore, we use high-quality materials and have our play equipment safety-approved in accordance with EN 1176 and certified by TÜV.

LEDON has dealers all over the world with the training and expertise needed to offer knowledgeable advice about our solutions.

Ready to play! What do you need to know?

Our articles offer further information about topics such as safety in public playgrounds, how we develop our play equipment in collaboration with children, or very specific advice for the entertainment and tourism industry. You can find all the articles in our knowledge centre.

Advice for the entertainment and tourism industry

Why choose LEDON?

Safety and certification

Quality materials

Which theme world is right for you?

Our six different theme worlds can each be used to create exciting universes. In the entertainment and tourism industry, wow-effect playgrounds are often popular as are playgrounds that tie in with the theme of the the attractions. Therefore, our imaginative series LEDON Pirates is often the first choice, as the large ships are both eye-catching and packed with play activities.

If you receive lots of visitors and you want a playground that will accommodate a wide age group, the LEDON Explore series is the obvious choice. The wide range of play equipment makes it easy to design a playground that will be suitable for children of all ages.

For attractions targeted at toddlers, our LEDON MiniPlay series is the right choice. The series has been developed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals, and is therefore designed specifically to appeal to and support the development of children in this age group.

Explore our different universes or read more about why we have decided to develop theme worlds.

Stor vedligeholdelsesfri jungle legeplads med masser af legenede børn.

LEDON Explore

Små børn leger på legeplads, som er særlig egnet til institutioner.

LEDON MiniPlay

Legeplads indrettet med ridder tema og legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Castle

Børn leger på et stort pirat legeskib med masser af legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Pirates

3D tegning af ledons prisbevidste kvalitets legeredskaber.


Børn lege på ledons klassiske legeredskaber, som har været populære i mange år.

LEDON Originals

Create more value at the playground

Do you want to add even more play value to your existing playground? Then our specially designed tube slide is a good investment. Boasting five different colour options and eight different tube components, the slide can be configured to meet your exact wishes and adapted to any area and play system.

Children love going down slides, and will want to do it again and again. While guaranteeing fun and thrills for the children, the large and eye-catching tube slides are sure to create a wealth of memorable experiences for them.

The tube slides also function as crawl tubes or as embankment slides if this would better suit your play area.

Be inspired by others

Looking for inspiration for your playground, or want to see what others have chosen? Take a closer look at our references, where we have compiled information on selected projects together with images and a product overview.

RCN Vakantiepark de Noordster

Camping Mer et Montagne



Guidance from our dealer

Do you need advice on playground layout, or do you have any questions about our products? Our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist.