Are you in doubt about how your playground should be arranged? With hundreds of products to choose from and countless possible combinations, it can be difficult to decide on the design of a new playground.

To shed some light on the various options, we have put together several examples of different playground solutions. The playgrounds have been designed with different focuses as regards age group, theme world, accessibility etc. Take a look at the various designs – we hope you’ll be inspired.

A playground for the youngest

Using play equipment from our LEDON MiniPlay series, we have created a solution that is suitable for the youngest children aged 0 to 3 years. MiniPlay is designed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals, ensuring that it is specially developed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers.

This playground solution focuses on challenging young children – and developing both their fine and gross motor skills. At the same time, it also stimulates the children’s balance. This happens, for example, when going down the slide in the small play tower, rocking on the springer or being pushed in the baby swing. Balance is fundamental to being able to develop good motor skills in childhood, and therefore it is important to support it.

The solution also includes the small Alfred playhouse, which is just the right size for the youngest children to feel that they have a bolthole to escape to and hide in. Alfred features movable play activities on the sides of the hut, a table and bench inside as well as a small window so adults can keep an eye on what is happening without disturbing the children. Many small children are drawn to Alfred the Hut as a place for quiet reflection and where they can step back from everything that is going on around them.

Run off to sea in the pirate universe

The play equipment from our LEDON Pirates theme world is the perfect solution for all aspiring pirates. The playground is packed with activities and aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years.

The pirate ship and the play tower, shaped like an island, are full of hidden activities and treasures. The children can use the moving ship’s wheel and telescope and find diamonds. The ship’s anchor can be raised before heading off to sea, while landlubbers can be forced to walk the wobbly plank.

The design solution also features a swing set with a free choice of seats, and stepping stones at different heights to connect the various pieces of play equipment. The playground also exemplifies how the safety surface can help to support the theme. The blue and beige rubber soon becomes the open sea and small sandbanks in the children’s imagination.

Jungle playground in natural colours

Are the children wanting to head off into the uncharted jungle? Then our LEDON Explore universe is the perfect solution. The playground’s neutral colours blend in naturally with the surroundings.

The focus of this solution is children aged 3 to 8 years, who benefit in particular from one of the Explore series’ most popular play systems. The system features a 140 cm high slide, so it also appeals to older children, as well as a climbing net and a swinging jungle hut. Children love the jungle hut as somewhere to hide, or if they need a break from boisterous playground activities. Another advantage of the play system is that it does not require a large safety area.

The playground also has a fun springer and swings with a free choice of seats. Both pieces of play equipment are designed to support the Explore series’ jungle theme. Therefore, the swing set has painted posts, for example, and a decoration at the top to inspire children’s play.

Let the adventures begin for princes and princesses

Do you love tales about brave knights, dangerous dragons and great castles? Then this is just the solution for you. The play equipment from our LEDON Castle series gives all children the possibility of feeling like a real prince or princess.

The solution is intended for children aged 3 to 8 years, and is designed with an activity-packed play system. The play system is an all-round play tower designed with a slide, lookout barrel and a play panel down below. The red roof incorporates transparent polycarbonate panels that cast coloured patches of light onto the ground when the sun shines. It’s perfect for playing ‘the floor is lava’.

To complete the playground, there is a swing set with a free choice of seats and a springer. The springer takes the form of the knight’s faithful companion, and thus supports the Castle universe’s imaginative play.

A budget-friendly solution in a timeless design

Looking for an affordable solution, and one where no compromises have been made with regard to quality? Then this combination of LEDON Basic play equipment will suit you perfectly. The neutral colours and minimalist design of this series also mean that it blends in well with most outdoor environments.

The playground is aimed at a wide age group of children, ranging from 3 to 12 years old. The play system has a max. floor height of 190 cm as well as slides and lots of climbing activities, so there are plenty of challenges for older children. For the little ones, there is a play panel at the bottom, while the playhouse is ideal for quiet focused play or fun role-playing games.

To round off the playground, there are a couple of favourites – a set of swings and a springer. Both allow children to experience motion and speed, as well as giving them the opportunity to use their bodies and burn off some energy at the same time.

The inclusive playground

If you are looking for a playground where the focus is on inclusiveness, we have put together a possible solution. The idea of an inclusive playground is that not all children can necessarily play with all the activities, but that every child must be able to play with some of the activities.

Here, the different pieces of play equipment have been carefully selected so that all children are able to have some fun. We have also made it possible for children with and without disabilities to play side by side. The pirate ship and the play panel both have many activities that are positioned close to the ground, and which are all ideal for cooperative play. For those who need to keep moving, there is a carousel, a seesaw or the bird’s nest.

The poured-in-place rubber surface also makes the playground more accessible, while the different colours help to demarcate the various zones. This is often an advantage for children with a cognitive disability, as it gives them a better overview.

Guidance from our dealer

Do you need advice on playground layout, or do you have any questions about our products? Our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist.