Why choose tables and benches from LEDON?

Our tables and benches are available as sets or individual pieces. This allows you to arrange your playground with microenvironments that serve different purposes. In addition, you will find a table/bench set for children with a lower and more accessible height.

Our selection of products can be used to create different seating arrangements for both children and adults.

Supplied as pre-assembled parts that are quick and easy to assemble.

Easy-to-clean and hygienic surfaces.

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Developed with children

Made in Denmark

Fully certified

Product overview



Table/bench for children

301011 Table/bench for children

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
160 x 150 x 59 cm

Area requirement (LxW):
160 x 150 cm

Max. fall height:
59 cm

Recommended ages:
From 2 years


Hyde Park bench

HV610 Hyde Park bench

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
165 x 40 x 45 cm


Hyde Park table

HV620 Hyde Park table

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
165 x 90 x 80 cm


Calero bench

HV630 Calero bench

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
150 x 46 x 45 cm


Calero table

HV640 Calero table

Why social oases are important at playgrounds

Small social oases are perfect for role-play and close contact, and tables and benches therefore make good playground elements – especially when children need to learn to cooperate and communicate with each other.

At the same time, they are somewhere where children can withdraw to if they need a break, as well as providing a base for parents and childcare professionals, who can keep an eye on the children without disturbing their play.

Low-maintenance materials with many advantages

The table/bench set seats up to 10 children.

All our tables and benches are made of either durable polyethylene or 100% recycled plastic. In addition to requiring very little maintenance, both materials are splinter-proof and do not crack, unlike wood for example. The smooth surfaces are also very easy to clean, which makes life easier when children eat their packed lunches outdoors.

Our table/bench set for children has also been developed with our patented assembly method. This makes the product extremely durable, and significantly easier to install for a more streamlined design. At the same time, the table/bench set is recyclable, so it can be used to make new play equipment when it reaches the end of its useful life.

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Guidance from our dealer

Do you need advice on playground layout, or do you have any questions about our products? Our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist.