We are a family business which for three generations has been developing play equipment together with and for children. For 50 years, we have – as a playground company – specialised in supplying low-maintenance playgrounds made of recyclable materials for public use.
Interested in hearing more about our journey from initial concept to international playground supplier? Then visit the page LEDON’s history.

What makes LEDON’s playgrounds unique?

We develop all our play equipment together with children

It is important for us that children find our playgrounds fun day after day. Therefore, we develop all our play equipment together with children. They are the experts, and together with childcare professionals and physiotherapists they provide ideas and suggestions. Read more

Danish production and quality

We are one of only a few Danish play equipment manufacturers with production in Denmark. Our production is based in Denmark to ensure that we can deliver high Danish quality with short delivery times. Also, we are supporting the Danish economy while ensuring good working conditions for our employees. Read more

Low-maintenance and recyclable materials

Getting a new playground should be a pleasure. Therefore, you should not have to spend time or money on playground maintenance. All our play equipment is manufactured from low-maintenance and recyclable materials. The advantage of these materials is that they do not alter with time, and therefore do not constitute a safety risk. For example, materials made of wood can split or rot, while wooden posts and top beams will eventually develop star shakes, cracks and, in the worst case, breakages. Read more

Safety approved according to EN 1176

Safety is crucial for both children and adults to be able to move about safely at the playground. Therefore, all our play equipment is approved in accordance with EN 1176 and certified by TÜV. Several companies that either produce or sell play equipment do not certify their equipment – or they self-certify it. With independent TÜV certification, you can rest assured that our play equipment meets strict safety and quality requirements. Read more

Theme playgrounds inspire play

By means of our theme worlds, playground environments can be created to suit your ideas and wishes. Theme playgrounds encourage role-play and spark children’s imagination – whether it is a playground in natural colours, a new pirate ship or a MiniPlay universe for the little ones. Read more

Guidance from our dealer

Do you need advice on playground layout, or do you have any questions about our products? Our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist.