Playground safety

LEDON’s playground items are always designed with top quality in mind.

Not only children are supposed to feel safe on a playground. Also grown-ups are meant to be able to relax and not to worry about pinched fingers or worse.

The playground itself is designed considering the best possible combination of functionality and safety. All sandbox surfaces are covered with skid-proof rubber to prevent the children from slipping in wet weather conditions. The same technology is used on all other products’ sitting and standing surfaces, e. g. all springers and stairs. Internal steel wires make our ropes inherently stable and safe against vandalism.

  • All items are approved of by TÜV Hamburg IAW EN 1176.
  • More them 40 years experience with the development of products meeting all European safety standards.
  • No pinch points, no risk of stragulation.
  • No cracks, no fissures and seamless junctions mean no place to get caught with your clothes.

Do you have questions?

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