Tube Slides

LEDON designs special tube slides for playgrounds all over the world – and we are always and right from the beginning ready to help you get exactly what you want and need. Be inspired by pictures of our special tube slides here on our website or in our new tube slide brochure.

LEDON’s tube slides have proven they are worthwhile through 17 years. Quality and play value are first priority, and eight different tube elements in five different colours open up for numberless combination possibilities. Tube slides can easily be added to all our play structures and are perfect as embankment slides. The bends are short, which allows you to create a thrilling sliding experience even on little space. With our own TunnelMaker programme, we will design your own individual tube slide for you.

But it’s not only the tickling in the tummy that is good about our tube slides. Slides help children learn about distance and speed and strengthen their motor skills as well as their balance sense. All these things are basics for the children’s physical and mental development.

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Many things are to be considered when chosing a new tube slide. We are always ready to help – just call +45 7482 6565 or send an email to

You might find the answers to your questions below, and if not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tube slides

Designed to last

Our tube slides rest on a very strong and hard-wearing construction with 9mm strong material and 24 bolts at each flange. The maintenance-free and non-toxic tube elements are UV-stabilized, which is why we give 5 years guarantee on considerable fading. The surface is mat, which reduces glare, and the material is sound-absorbing.

We help you design your new tube slide

It can be quite challenging to understand which tube with what angle you have to choose for your new tube slide. The tube slide’s exit has to have a certain angle to the ground, and the tube has to fit the available space. In other words: Many things have to be taken into consideration. TunnelMaker makes it easy for you to design even complicated tube slides

Which is why we offer designing the tube slide for you. That way, you can be sure it fits your space and is in accordance with all safety regulations. All LEDON’s tube are certified in accordance with EN1176 by TÜV.

You want to add a tube slide to your existing play structure?

Ledon tube slide added onto an existing natural play structure

A tube slide upgrades any playground. So, if you choose to extend your existing play structure, a tube slide is a good investment. We offer tubes in five different colours, so it should be no problem at all to find a combination that matches your play structure. To be able to design a tube slide for you play structure, the only information we need is the starting height and the space available.

We make sure you mount your tube slide correctly

To ensure correct mounting of your tube slide, we enclose every delivery detailed mounting instructions. The instructions are made for exactly your individual tube construction, it shows you step by step how to proceed. If you need any help, or if you have any questions regarding mounting, feel free to contact us.

A worldwide success

LEDON’s tube slides have been a worldwide success for 20 years. We have become superiorly experienced with the setup and development of tube slides. Which means that we today offer the best quality tube slides on the market. There are many advantages – some of them are mentioned here:

  • Maintenance-free tube elements made of non-toxic polyethylene (PE).
  • UV-protected and impact-resistant from -40°C to + 80°C.
  • PAH-tested (no heavy metals).
  • No retightening required.

Ledon’s tube slide catalogue

See all advantages in our new tube slide brochure – and check out how other customers use LEDON’s tube slides. You can read the brochure online, or you can download it here.

Tube slide accessories

We offer a broad range of accessories for our tube slides: different accesses, fittings, support posts, domes, barriers and exits. There are plenty of possibilities for you to design exactly the tube slide you wish for.

Tube elements with different purposes

Ledon tube slide as escape chute

Most of LEDON’s tube elements are used as tube slides on play structures – but they can also have different purposes. Some companies have in fact chosen our tube elements as escape chutes / emergency exits. No problem with our tube elements, since they are flame resistant in accordance with EN 71-2.

Ledon tube elements can be used as horizontal crawling tubes

You can also use our tube elements as crawling tubes or crawling tunnels. The tube elements make perfect crawling tubes, because windows and domes can be added. Children of many ages will find this exciting: The youngest will try to discover new grounds and get a whole new perspective on the world through the dome, while the older ones make the tubes a “cave” to hang out in with their pals.

Would you like to be a distributor?

Should you be interested in becoming one of our distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us on +45 7482 6565 or email What LEDON has to offer you:

  • Adding LEDON’s tube elements to your product range can increase your sales and profits – this has shown to be true on other markets.
  • You will save marketing time and funds, since LEDON A/S designs all catalogue and web material, adapts it to your market and lets you use it for free.
  • We train your sales staff – for free.
  • You get access to our TunnelMaker software, enabling you to design bespoke tube slides yourself.
  • LEDON is always ready to help and support you.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our products, prices, or product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us: +45 7482 6565 or


All polyethylene boards have been specially developed for LEDON to ensure the highest possible quality.…