LEDON Castle

Do the flags signal war or peace? At the knight’s castle you are either welcome, or you are fought as soon as you approach …

Coats of arms compete to outshine ruby red roofs, while torches cast long shadows over the suspension bridge. It takes courage, strength and not least cleverness to make your way around a castle like this one!

Always keep a watchful eye – are unwelcome guests making their way up the thick castle walls, has a thief swung over the moat and crept through an open basement window or has a rival run away with the beautiful princess?

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Video presentation of LEDON Castle

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Play value

Stepping stones & Coat of arms

When the elements come together

When things are put together, many new possibilities arise. Children know all about this. Therefore, we have placed the Castle series’ stepping stones and coat of arms close to each other. This opens up the children’s imagination and can be used within the educational work to stimulate motor skills and language development.

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Maximum play value

Innovative use of the whole play area

A roof normally does not have any play value in itself. You cannot reach it, so therefore it makes no sense to incorporate any play elements there. But then what can you do? You give the roof a visual effect so that it has a role in the game!

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