Maximum play value

Innovative use of the whole play area

A roof normally does not have any play value in itself. You cannot reach it, so therefore it makes no sense to incorporate any play elements there. But then what can you do? You give the roof a visual effect so that it has a role in the game!

It is in the nature of the games to be constantly evolving. This creates dynamic interactions and lets creativity flow. With the yellow and red windows, we let the light filter down through the roof. The windows cast hopscotch squares on the floor, and they move about as the sun travels across the sky. The shadows change as the children’s faces turn alternately yellow and red. Everything can happen as light, reflections and colours help stimulate the imagination.

We know that children are fascinated by colours. That colours help set a certain mood. We know that yellow equals sun, gold and happiness. And that red equals power, love and danger. Just the colours alone can help inspire a variety of games.

Stepping stones & Coat of arms

When the elements come together

When things are put together, many new possibilities arise. Children know all about this. Therefore, we have placed the Castle series’ stepping stones and coat of arms close to each other. This opens up the children’s imagination and can be used within the educational work to stimulate motor skills and language development.

The connection between the icons on the coat of arms and the stepping stones opens up the possibility for countless games. The sword from the coat of arms is controlled from the inside by the rudder.

What does the sword point to? Is the soil, for example, only poisonous when the sword lands on red? Is it the rat that gets us up on the stepping stone in a hurry? It is the children’s imagination that drives the game forward. The four illustrations of the coat of arms: the rat, the snake, the bat and the parrot are recurring throughout the entire series. The shield can hereby also become a starting point for a further expedition on the playground.

The stepping stones come in four different heights, and if they are joined end to end, the older children will be challenged in their motor skills to get all the gold coins.

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