A family-owned company for three generations

When Leo Donbæk founded LEDON in 1969, he was driven by a desire to make a difference to children’s play. He wanted to create fun and stimulating high-quality playgrounds that would stand the test of time and where safety was second-to-none. We still adhere to this philosophy today.

We want to make a difference for children’s development, and pass on a better world to the next generation.

Leo Donbæk, founder of LEDON

Today, LEDON is run by the second and third generations of the family: Leo’s son Tom Donbæk and Tom’s daughter Simone Donbæk. The day-to-day management is shared between the two, with Tom focusing on in-house production and the value chain, while Simone’s focus is on product development, sales and marketing.

Since 1984, LEDON’s production has been based in Arnum in southern Jutland.

Over the past 50 years, LEDON has seen strong growth and development. What started out as a one-man business – Leo in his workshop with his hand plane – has evolved over the years into a growing company. We now have more than 25 employees working at our head offices in Arnum and Kolding. Our playgrounds and play equipment now bring joy to children in more than 40 countries.

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Simone shares her grandfather’s passion for wanting to make a difference, and today is responsible for LEDON’s sales and marketing department.

I want to continue the journey my grandfather started to make a difference by giving children plenty of opportunities to play and develop, while at the same time ensuring that we pass on a better world to the next generation.

Simone Donbæk, Sales and Marketing Manager and third generation of the family at LEDON


Leo Donbæk established LEDON Modul, which later becomes LEDON.

LEDON’s first modular system, the Keyhole series, is launched. It was the first series in Denmark to be based on the concept of ‘a multifunctional play system’.

LEDON launches its iconic Spring horse 410. Today, it remains one of our best-selling springers with thousands sold.

On 1 May, LEDON moves to a former school in Arnum, which is converted into a production facility. The Donbæk family moves into the flat above the factory.

Leo Donbæk’s son Tom starts working for LEDON. He was given responsibility for Danish sales and assembly in Denmark.

LEDON starts exports, initially to Germany.

LEDON launches its tube slides, which have since become known worldwide for their modular construction that makes it possible to build tube slides for any purpose.

LEDON launches its third main series Star Space, the company’s first low-maintenance product. Today, the series has been discontinued, but can still be found at playgrounds all over Europe and especially in Denmark.

LEDON receives Nordea’s initiative award.

LEDON is named a Børsen Gazelle company. This is a title given to fast-growing companies that double their revenue over a four-year period.

LEDON is again named a Børsen Gazelle company.

LEDON invests in its first CNC machines to reduce repetitive work for our employees and ensure precise production and shorter delivery times. Craftsmanship and quality are still key, and therefore all details are meticulously cut by hand, just as all products are hand-assembled.

Tom Donbæk’s daughter Simone, who represents the third generation of the Donbæk family, joins LEDON in product development.

The first theme series LEDON Explore is launched.

Ownership passes to the next generation – Simone Donbæk buys Leo Donbæk’s shares in LEDON.

In connection with LEDON’s growth and development, a new head office is established in Kolding where sales, marketing and product development are based.

LEDON becomes a partner in Design School Kolding’s Design for Play MA programme.

LEDON Castle theme series is launched. The series supports role-play and motor development.

LEDON wins the regional final of the ‘Akademikerprisen’ award, which honours SMEs that have created results by employing academics.

LEDON MiniPlay theme series is launched. A series specifically developed for children aged 0-4 years.

LEDON celebrates its 50th anniversary with, among other things, an employee day and dealer seminar.

LEDON Pirates theme series is launched. A series that focuses on multiple play activities and a modular system divided into zones.

LEDON Basic theme series is launched. A series designed to ensure that everyone can afford low-maintenance high-quality playgrounds.

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