Low-maintenance playground equipment developed with children for children – for 50 years

LEDON’s play equipment is produced in Denmark and sold in more than 40 countries.

We offer low-maintenance Danish-designed play equipment. In collaboration with highly qualified dealers, we create the basis for unique playgrounds for residential neighbourhoods, institutions, municipalities as well as the entertainment and tourism industry. We make children’s dreams come true.

Stor vedligeholdelsesfri jungle legeplads med masser af legenede børn.

LEDON Explore

For adventurous children.
Age group 2-8 years.

The off-roader whizzes through the jungle, the monkeys swing from the vines, while giraffes and elephants keep watch over the savannah. Embark on a journey of discovery and explore a whole new world of jungle huts, rope tunnels and thrilling slides for children aged 2-8 years.

Små børn leger på legeplads, som er særlig egnet til institutioner.

LEDON MiniPlay

Developed specially for small children.
Age group 0-4 years.

MiniPlay creates learning environments that support children’s well-being, learning, development and education. In designing the series, the focus has been on incorporating age-appropriate activities and features for children aged 0-4 years old.

Legeplads indrettet med ridder tema og legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Castle

For princes and princesses.
Age group 2-6 years.

The coat of arms gleams among the ruby-coloured roofs, while torches cast colourful shadows across the suspension bridge. It takes courage, strength and, above all, an element of shrewdness to move around LEDON Castle. All princes and princesses aged 2-6 years are welcome.

Børn leger på et stort pirat legeskib med masser af legeaktiviteter.

LEDON Pirates

For brave pirates.
Age group 2-8 years.

You’re on unsteady ground when the pirate ships set sail for the Seven Seas. Pirate ships, treasure islands and ferocious crocodiles provide the backdrop to vivid seafaring tales filled with play and imagination for children aged 2-8 years.

3D tegning af ledons prisbevidste kvalitets legeredskaber.


Budget-friendly series.
Age group 2-12 years.

Budget-friendly range of low-maintenance play equipment in an urban and timeless design. In designing the series, a particular focus area was supporting the basic elements of children’s physical and motor development in the 2 to 12-year-old age group.

Børn lege på ledons klassiske legeredskaber, som har været populære i mange år.

LEDON Originals

Playground favourites.
Age group 2-12 years.

LEDON Originals pays homage to the all-time favourites which have been bestsellers for decades. All the popular items of playground equipment which remain part and parcel of having fun in the playground for children aged 2-10 years.

Children learn through play, and for more than 50 years we have been creating a framework for their development. Throughout this time, we have studied how children play and use their bodies. Therefore, our quality play equipment is tailored to the needs of children, and we have play equipment to suit all age groups.

This is how we have, for three generations, been creating the world’s best play experiences.