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Freestanding Slides

Hooooraaaay! A speedy tour down the slide! Nothing compares to a good tickle in the tummy! Slides have always been all-time favourites for the young and the young at heart.

Again. And again. And again. Children never stop after just one slide down! This is so much fun – a bit like riding a sleigh all year round! The slide attracts all kind of children and is an asset on any playground. And why not? Children do not only have fun on a slide, they also learn something. They get better at judging distance and speed, they learn about gravity and they train both motor skills and balance.

Do not melt in the sun

LEDON’s open slides are child-friendly with a capital C and F! The sliding surface is made of one piece of polyethylene – there are no seams, which means the children don’t get stuck anywhere. Nor does the surface heat up in the sun. All slides are delivered partly pre-assembled, which makes the final mounting so easy for you.

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