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Finally! Peace from the older ones. This is where the youngest can be, play and learn. This is where we reduced heights and speed. Miniplay gives plenty of challenges to those between 1 and 4 years.

Time is flying, rain is followed by sunshine is followed by rain … The clock and the weather indicator obey to all orders. Rain can be very authentic by using the splash table, and if you prefer sand, well then put some sand into the funky sand machine. This is just great!

At the age of 1 to 4, children get to know their bodies, and physical activity is vital for them to really get check on their physical functions. Miniplay helps children understand cause and effect – e. g. by going down the slide or by observing the sand running through the sand machine. Plus, all these games are beneficial for motor and language development.

Designed for the youngest

Miniplay is a good and safe place for children. The stairs have child-friendly steps and handles, the floor is skid-proof and the sideboards’ design allows grown-ups to keep an eye on the little ones without actually interfering. The activity boards can be combined according to you wishes, and all materials are maintenance-free.

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