Playgrounds do not all have to be the same. That’s why we develop play equipment theme worlds. Our theme worlds support children’s imagination and role-playing, which are important aspects of their cognitive development. At the same time, children love playgrounds where a theme kicks off their play, and our playgrounds therefore continue to be an endless source of fun.

Our theme playgrounds have exactly the same elements as other playgrounds: swings, seesaws, play systems with slides etc. The difference is that a theme playground also creates exciting universes and is filled with play equipment with lots of details, decorative elements and activities. This encourages the children’s role-playing, and means that a theme playground – in addition to its physical activities – also strengthens children’s cognitive abilities.

Our theme worlds are divided as follows:


LEDON Basic is a budget-friendly range of low-maintenance play equipment in an urban and timeless design. In designing the series, a particular focus area was supporting the basic elements of children’s physical and motor development in the 2 to 12-year-old age group.

  • Budget-friendly series
  • Urban and timeless design
  • Physical and motor development
  • Age 2-12 years

LEDON Castle

The coat of arms gleams among the ruby-coloured roofs, while torches cast colourful shadows across the suspension bridge. It takes courage and, above all, an element of shrewdness to move around LEDON Castle. All princes and princesses aged 2-6 years are welcome.

  • Imaginative knights’ universe
  • Innovative play systems
  • Role-play and social development
  • Age 2-6 years

LEDON Explore

The off-roader whizzes through the jungle, the monkeys swing from the vines, while giraffes and elephants keep watch over the savannah. Embark on a journey of discovery and explore a whole new world of jungle huts, rope tunnels and thrilling slides for children aged 2-8 years.

  • The biggest theme world
  • Designed in natural colours
  • Great learning and play value
  • Age 2-8 years

LEDON MiniPlay

MiniPlay creates learning environments that support children’s well-being, learning, development and education. In designing the series, the focus has been on incorporating age-appropriate play activities and features for children aged 0 to 4 years old.

  • Activities for tots and toddlers
  • Developed with childcare professionals
  • Can be installed directly on grass
  • Age 0-4 years

LEDON Originals

LEDON Originals pays homage to the all-time favourites which have been bestsellers for decades. All the popular items of playground equipment which remain part and parcel of having fun in the playground for children aged 2-10 years.

  • A firm favourite for decades
  • Large selection of play equipment for the playground
  • Play equipment in all price classes
  • Age 2-12 years

LEDON Pirates

You’re on unsteady ground when the pirate ships set sail for the Seven Seas. Pirate ships, treasure islands and ferocious crocodiles provide the backdrop to vivid seafaring tales filled with play and imagination for children aged 2-8 years.

  • A true pirate universe
  • Ships of all sizes
  • Great learning and play value
  • Age 2-8 years

Build children’s confidence through play

At a theme playground, children will naturally include the imaginative surroundings in their play. This helps the children to develop and improve skills like their emotional understanding and social interaction. For example, children can imagine being a fierce pirate captain in LEDON Pirates or a brave explorer in LEDON Explore.

It’s important for children to adopt roles such as ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’, as it enables them to test out situations and process their feelings and experiences. Because playing like this is just play and not serious, children are prepared to experiment more, and this gives them the courage to try out new things, which in turn builds their confidence. In this way, a theme playground provides an extra level of entertainment as well as learning for children.

Explore our different theme worlds, and find the right one for your dream playground. Our range of themes spans widely from the very imaginative Castle, Explore and Pirates themes to our more down-to-earth themes such as MiniPlay, Basic and Originals. Every theme world is distinguished by unique strengths and features, which guarantees there is always one that will match your precise needs and wishes.

You can also read about how we have developed the series in collaboration with children, or about the low-maintenance materials we use to manufacture all our series.

Guidance from our dealer

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