Are you a holiday centre, restaurant or tourist attraction and looking to give your visitors a new experience in the form of a playground? Here, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about finding the right playground.

There are many things to think about when investing in a new playground. What should it look like? How many children can use it? And is it safe enough? To help you make the right decisions, we have prepared a guide with lots of relevant information. If you need further advice and guidance, our knowledgeable dealers are always ready to help.

Which playground should we go for?

There are many different types of playgrounds, and just as many playground manufacturers. Therefore, it may help to ask yourselves some general questions to find out which playground is right for you:

How many children will be using the playground?

The size of the playground and its activities depend on how many children will be using it. If the playground is too small and has too few activities in relation to the number of children, this can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Therefore, it is important to know whether the playground should be able to cater for 10 children at a time – or 70.

Which age group will be using the playground?

It is important that the playground is tailored to the relevant age group(s) so that the play equipment supports and creates value exactly for these children. To accommodate a wide age group, you can combine different pieces of play equipment or choose play systems with several play zones. If you want to know more about how to best arrange a playground, read more on our page playground design.

Are you willing to spend time and money on maintenance?

When, as a housing or homeowners’ association, you invest in a playground, it is important to consider the durability of the materials. Do you want a playground that stays looking good and safe for 15-20 years without having to spend money on maintenance? If so, we recommend low-maintenance materials rather than natural materials such as wood, where rot and cracks can quickly form and pose a safety risk. Using low-maintenance materials guarantees that the playground will be safe for children for years to come. You can also read more about the requirements for playground safety.

Should the playground be environment-friendly?

The choice of materials also has a bearing on how environmentally friendly the playground is. Among other things, it is important to find out whether impregnated wood is used, whether the materials contain toxic substances, and whether the materials break down naturally or can be recycled. For example, we use the durable material polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable and therefore helps to reduce resource waste while giving old playgrounds a new lease of life.

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What sort of safety surface should we go for?

It is important to stress from the outset that safety surfaces are mandatory at public playgrounds in order for European safety requirements to be met. There are many different types of safety surface, all with different pros and cons. Some of the most popular types are, for example, poured-in-place rubber, rubber tiles, sand and gravel. Moreover, some play equipment is certified for installing on grass. Depending on the area, budget and specific needs, one safety surface might be a much more obvious solution compared to another. We have prepared a detailed guide about safety surfaces if you would like to know more about the various options.

Which playground equipment is usually used in the entertainment and tourism industry?

Playgrounds for tourist attractions, shopping centres, holiday resorts etc. always have their own special look. Often, the playgrounds are designed to tie in with the specific venues or attractions and what the attractions are about. However, we still find that certain pieces of play equipment are particularly popular with such venues and attractions. For example, our tube slides are a real hit when wanting to add more entertainment and a wow effect. The tube slides are easy to tailor to any area and wishes – and always guarantee thrilling rides which children love.

In many cases, swings, playhouses and springers also become part of the playground layout. Swings are an old favourite that children never tire of. Moreover, children of all ages love swinging. Playhouses and springers often support the desired theme, as they are available in a wide range of designs. Whether it is a shark springer for the pirate playground or a playhouse shaped like an off-roader for the jungle explorer – it will always be possible to find play equipment that fits in.




Tube slides

How do we ensure that the playground is inclusive?

An inclusive playground is a place for children with and without disabilities to play together. Not all children need to be able to play with all the activities, just as long as every child can play with some activities and engage in cooperative play with the other children.

If you want an inclusive playground, there are two things in particular that you need to consider: the design of the playground and accessibility. It is important that walking-impaired children and wheelchair users can access the play equipment, and the safety surface is therefore an important factor. Rubber tiles or poured-in-place rubber are the best solutions to ensure that everyone can join in. These safety surfaces can also be used to divide the playground into colourful zones, which can help children with cognitive disabilities.

Play panels, playhouses and sandboxes, which all sit close to the ground, are good choices when designing an inclusive playground. A number of swings, carousels and seesaws are also specially designed to give everyone an exciting ride with lots of thrills. Read more on our page about inclusive play equipment and see selected pieces of play equipment.

What have others done?

We have many years of experience at finding the right playground solutions for the entertainment and tourism industry. Therefore, we know that it sometimes helps to see what other playgrounds look like. Be inspired by the selected references below, or see the full range on our reference page.

RCN Vakantiepark de Noordster

Camping Mer et Montagne



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