A wobbly experience

The raft offers a wobbly experience. Featuring three springs, the raft is a true paradise for exercising balance and gross motor skills. Your sense of balance is one of the most important functions in the body. Having a well-developed sense of balance and good gross motor skills gives children the courage to test themselves in other ways – running, jumping and sprinting. It also encourages children to play new games with other children, which enhances their social skills.

Raft games

The raft is an ideal element in a larger balancing course, possibly with the stepping stones. Many older children also find the raft fun for balancing competitions. Here, it allows them to find out who is best at keeping their balance while several people are on the raft.

Why choose LEDON Pirates?

  • The play activities at the pirate playground are 100% inspired by children and based on children’s ideas about pirate-themed play activities.
  • In Pirates, several innovative play activities have been designed that stimulate role-play, social interaction and physical play, for example the wobbly plank.
  • The ships are available in many different price classes, and new elements can easily be added to the universe.
  • The pirate ships are divided into zones so that several age groups can play at the same time without disturbing each other.

Product highlights

Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene
Springs with paten­ted tensioning
Trains balance and coordi­na­tion
Collabora­tion and com­munica­tion
So­cial and lan­guage skills
Trains the vestibular sense


Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene

The polyethylene boards are 100% recyclable, and contain no hazardous chemicals. They are approved according to the specific requirements of both the EU Toy Safety Directive EN 71 and the US Food Directive.


Springs with paten­ted tensioning

The spring is designed to prevent fingers from getting caught. At the same time, our patented tensioning system ensures a long service life with minimal risk of breakage. The spring is also galvanised and lacquered to protect against rust.


Trains balance and coordi­na­tion

Children use their whole body to keep their balance and coordinate their movements on the play equipment. Balance and coordination are fundamental to children’s physical and cognitive development, and it is therefore important that they are stimulated from an early age.


Collabora­tion and com­munica­tion

Children train their collaborative and communication skills when playing together on the equipment. How wild shall the ride be? And which way shall we go?


So­cial and lan­guage skills

The play equipment offers ample opportunities for children to engage in cooperative play. It grows their social and language skills, which is key to developing relationships and friendships.


Trains the vestibular sense

When seesawing, playing on the swings and balancing, children train their vestibular sense. This has a bearing on their language and basic motor development as well as their movement and concentration. Children with a strong vestibular sense are more open to new challenges.


Article number
LP050G: In-ground mounting

Recommended ages
From 3 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
117 x 101 x 44 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

417 x 401 cm

Max. fall height
44 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 1 hour

Other details:

This product is inclusive

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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