A motorically challenging play system for older children at kindergartens

The kindergarten Gjern Børnehus has renewed its playground with the Benja play system from the Basic series. The kindergarten wanted a play system that would appeal in particular to the older children at the institution while also blending in with the surroundings.

With floor heights of 140 cm and 190 cm, as well as a climbing wall panel, climbing net and sliding poles, the Benja play system challenges children’s gross motor development in particular.

The sliding poles are an extra challenging slide that calls for balance, coordination and strength for children to succeed. Developing children’s gross motor skills and balance is fundamental to their further development, including learning to walk, run and cycle. Moreover, when climbing, children make cross-lateral movements with their arms and legs, which strengthens the connection between the right and left sides of their brain. This is essential for learning to read. The left side of the brain sees each individual letter, while the right side puts the letters together to form words and sentences.

Product overview



LB260 Benja

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
531 x 265 x 272 cm

Area requirement (LxW):
817 x 591 cm

Max. fall height:
264 cm

Recommended ages:
From 4 years





Søndergade 58
DK-8883 Gjern, Denmark

Year of construction

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