Explore Off-roader has been developed in collaboration with children

Børn udvikler deres finmotorik på offroaders bevægelige dele.

The Explore Off-roader is very popular with children. The Off-roader is targeted at 2 to 5-year-olds, where each play activity is adapted to the children’s naturally creative, physical, cognitive and social development.

The Explore Off-roader was developed in collaboration with children – in a so-called co-creation design process, where the children’s input was crucial for the final design of both the off-roader and the numerous play activities. The off-roader has been tested as a prototype several times, and along the way, we have learned more about how children play, so that we have been able to improve the various activities and provide even better play experiences.

An activity-packed off-roader

From the driver’s seat, several children can operate the Explore Off-roader’s controls, with the steering wheel, moveable buttons and the built-in walkie-talkie. At the front is a moveable towing hook, which also functions as an abacus for number play etc. The headlights also move, stimulating children’s fine motor skills while serving as an element for role-play.

Børn leger sociale lege i offroader, som er en del af en jungle legeplads.

At the back, there is space for passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy the view, or to stand and control the vehicle’s telescope. A large window separates the passenger seat and the driver’s seat, yet provides plenty of opportunity for children to interact. From the back seat, there is access to a number of small activities, for example the moveable fuel tank cap and the rotating spare wheel.

Supplied 90% assembled

One of the main advantages of the Explore Off-roader is that it is supplied 90 per cent assembled, so that it can quickly be prepared for action with the accompanying tools. In addition, it requires no special maintenance or safety surfacing.

Why choose LEDON Explore?

  • Low-maintenance play equipment in natural colours.
  • In particular, it challenges and stimulates children’s social skills, motor skills and balance.
  • The play systems come in a wide range of sizes and price classes to suit every need.
  • A theme world that arouses children’s natural interest in experiencing and exploring the world.
  • The largest theme world with many different items of play equipment for the entire playground.

Product highlights

Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene
Develops fine motor skills
Emo­tional develop­ment
A healthy imagination results in better problem-solving
90% assembled on delivery
Impact-resistant poly­carbo­nate


Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene

The polyethylene boards are 100% recyclable, and contain no hazardous chemicals. They are approved according to the specific requirements of both the EU Toy Safety Directive EN 71 and the US Food Directive.



Children love role-play. It improves their understanding of themselves and their surroundings, because by imitating the world around them, they learn more about patterns of behaviour, social interaction and handling emotions.


Develops fine motor skills

The many moving parts support the development of children’s fine motor skills. Through the stimulation of their fine motor skills, children learn to make small precise movements which, among other things, make it easier for them to hold and control a pencil.


Emo­tional develop­ment

The play equipment encourages cooperative play and role-play, which helps children to mirror each other’s behaviour. This stimulates their emotional development and teaches them to handle their own reactions and emotions.


A healthy imagination results in better problem-solving

Every function and detail on the play equipment trigger the children’s creativity when playing. Imaginative and creative play is good for children as it strengthens their ability to be flexible and creative in their problem-solving.


90% assembled on delivery

We deliver the play equipment almost fully assembled for quick and easy installation and preparation.


Impact-resistant poly­carbo­nate

Transparent polycarbonate adds extra fun for children as they see the world anew through the windows and domes. Polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant, whatever the temperature. The material is also UV-protected to prevent the boards from fading when exposed to sunlight.


Article number
EX080G: In-ground mounting
EX080C: Surface mounting
EX080CG: Not fixed

Recommended ages
From 1 year

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
162 x 83 x 125 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

462 x 383 cm

Max. fall height
51 cm

Approximate installation time
1 person – 1 hour

Other details:

This product can be used indoors

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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