Swing frame for explorers

Our Explore series has a selection of swing frames to suit every need. All the Explore models feature painted frames and a decorative gable element that matches the Explore series’ themed universe and which stimulates role-play and imagination.

One of the benefits of swinging is that it helps children to better regulate sensory inputs and impacts. When swinging back and forth, they practise adapting to different sensory impressions from the outside world. This can help improve concentration, as it trains the children’s ability to ignore unwanted inputs, such as classroom noise.

Modular swing frame

A modular swing frame makes it possible for several children to swing at the same time. In addition, the modular swing frame is available in several different combinations, which can be tailored to specific age groups or span a wide age group depending on which seats are chosen.

The swing frame is supplied without a seat, which gives you the freedom to buy one of our four different seats.

Why choose LEDON Explore?

  • Low-maintenance play equipment in natural colours.
  • In particular, it challenges and stimulates children’s social skills, motor skills and balance.
  • The play systems come in a wide range of sizes and price classes to suit every need.
  • A theme world that arouses children’s natural interest in experiencing and exploring the world.
  • The largest theme world with many different items of play equipment for the entire playground.

Product highlights

Gal­va­nised and lacquered posts
Certified ball joint
Easy installation
Nylon fibre parts
Decorative elements support role-play


Gal­va­nised and lacquered posts

The posts are powder-coated in beautiful colours to match our theme worlds while also being protected from rust by hot-dip galvanising.


Certified ball joint

Our ball joint with durable ball bearings is safety-certified and easy to install. The suspension also ensures that fingers cannot get caught, and makes it easy to replace the swing seat.


Easy installation

The play equipment is supplied preassembled with numbered parts and with instructions for easy and simple installation.


Nylon fibre parts

All fibre parts are made of nylon to prevent fingers from sticking in sub-zero conditions. All parts are low-maintenance, impact-resistant in all temperatures and UV-stabilised to prevent colour-fading.


Decorative elements support role-play

The gables feature decorative elements from the theme world to inspire the children’s role-play.


Article number
1186EXA-0: In-ground mounting

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
625 x 227 x 243 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 5 hours

Other details:

This product is inclusive


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