A pirate ship for the smallest of pirates

Sally is a real pirate ship for the youngest children. Sally has been designed with and for the youngest children aged from about 1-4 years of age. Despite Sally’s compact size, the ship is filled with play activities: an anchor that can be raised, a movable compass, a ship’s wheel, rubber slats and so on.

A little ship with a lot of advantages

The big advantage of the pirate ship Sally is, among other things, that it can be delivered 98% assembled on a single pallet. All that needs to be done is for the ground anchor to be mounted, if necessary. The ship can stand without being secured, which allows it to be moved around or taken inside for the winter. The materials which are used to make Sally are 100% reusable, so that when Sally retires, she can become part of a new playground.

Why choose LEDON Pirates?

  • The play activities at the pirate playground are 100% inspired by children and based on children’s ideas about pirate-themed play activities.
  • In Pirates, several innovative play activities have been designed that stimulate role-play, social interaction and physical play, for example the wobbly plank.
  • The ships are available in many different price classes, and new elements can easily be added to the universe.
  • The pirate ships are divided into zones so that several age groups can play at the same time without disturbing each other.

Product highlights

Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene
90% assembled on delivery
Space-optimised play equipment
A healthy imagination results in better problem-solving
Develops fine motor skills


Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene

The polyethylene boards are 100% recyclable, and contain no hazardous chemicals. They are approved according to the specific requirements of both the EU Toy Safety Directive EN 71 and the US Food Directive.


90% assembled on delivery

We deliver the play equipment almost fully assembled for quick and easy installation and preparation.



Children love role-play. It improves their understanding of themselves and their surroundings, because by imitating the world around them, they learn more about patterns of behaviour, social interaction and handling emotions.


Space-optimised play equipment

The play equipment is designed with minimal space requirements, and therefore fits easily into most playgrounds. If the play equipment requires a safety surface, the price for this will consequently be lower.


A healthy imagination results in better problem-solving

Every function and detail on the play equipment trigger the children’s creativity when playing. Imaginative and creative play is good for children as it strengthens their ability to be flexible and creative in their problem-solving.


Develops fine motor skills

The many moving parts support the development of children’s fine motor skills. Through the stimulation of their fine motor skills, children learn to make small precise movements which, among other things, make it easier for them to hold and control a pencil.


Article number
LP080G: In-ground mounting
LP080C: Surface mounting
LP080CG: Not fixed

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
189 x 80 x 91 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

489 x 380 cm

Max. fall height
20 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 1 hour

Other details:

This product can be used indoors

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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