Three new playgrounds for local children

In Aabenraa in southern Denmark, we have collaborated extensively with the housing association Kolstrup Boligforening, which had three new playgrounds installed in 2021. The projects at Præsteskoven, Frueløkke and Uglekær all had to meet the housing association’s criteria – the playgrounds had to be durable and safe, and they wanted simple and attractive solutions.

The playgrounds that we have delivered meet all these requirements, as we only supply play equipment which is made of durable, low-maintenance materials that can withstand the wind and weather. Likewise, all our equipment is safety-certified according to the European standard EN 1176. In this way, we ensure the safety and durability of our playgrounds.

In terms of arriving at simple and well-designed solutions, we have made the most of the available areas with play equipment from our LEDON Explore series. The series targets a wide age group, and is designed in natural and neutral colours. As the play equipment has been developed in collaboration with children, the play value is second to none, as both its thematic appearance and the play activities spark children’s imagination.

Carsten Nielsen, property inspector at the housing association Kolstrup Boligforening, is very happy with his collaboration with LEDON, and says:

LEDON was very quick to respond when I contacted the company, and soon took charge of the task in hand. There is no doubt that LEDON’s playground equipment is a good product and long-lasting, and it also comes in many different colours that appeal to a wide age group. The thinking behind the choice of colours etc., in which the children are involved, is very appealing.

Carsten Nielsen, Property inspector

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Frueløkke 5
DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark

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