Fun swinging action for both young and old

The Basic series offers a variety of swings. The swings LB1177 and LB1178 are suitable for both younger and older children depending on what seat is chosen. Do you want a smaller swing that children as young as one year of age can use? Then have a look at our LB058 Mini swing.

The swings are not only a fun element on the playground. A ride on a swing also improves the children’s bony labyrinth, which is placed in their inner ear and is a part of the sensory system. When the children challenge gravity and swing back and forth, they stimulate the bony labyrinth, which influences their ability to balance, move and concentrate as well as their verbal development. Children with a strong sensory system are more open to new challenges and have a better basis for developing their basic motor skills.

The swings can be mounted on grass and are made of low-maintenance materials, which means that you save both time and resources on maintaining the swings.

Why choose LEDON basic?

  • All the basic elements you need for a good-quality budget-priced playground.
  • Compact towers, which require little space.
  • The systems are available in a wide range of variants to meet any need.
  • Providing basic motor challenges is paramount – it is also a playground for older children.
  • Can be easily integrated into both existing play environments or combined with our other theme worlds.

Product highlights

Gal­va­nised posts
Certified ball joint
Easy installation
Safety seat
Trains the vestibular sense
Streng­thens gross motor skills


Gal­va­nised posts

Our posts are hot-dip galvanised, and therefore require very little maintenance and are protected against rust.


Certified ball joint

Our ball joint with durable ball bearings is safety-certified and easy to install. The suspension also ensures that fingers cannot get caught, and makes it easy to replace the swing seat.


Easy installation

The play equipment is supplied preassembled with numbered parts and with instructions for easy and simple installation.


Safety seat

The safety seat features a thick rubber surface to prevent children from sliding off when swinging. At the same time, children’s fingers will not stick in frosty weather because the chains are rubber-coated, which also provides a comfortable and secure grip.


Trains the vestibular sense

When seesawing, playing on the swings and balancing, children train their vestibular sense. This has a bearing on their language and basic motor development as well as their movement and concentration. Children with a strong vestibular sense are more open to new challenges.


Streng­thens gross motor skills

Children use their major muscle groups and strengthen their gross motor skills when playing on the play equipment. Gross motor skills are vital for both their basic motor development as well as their fine motor skills.


Article number
LB1178: In-ground mounting

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
334 x 227 x 224 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

334 x 725 cm

Max. fall height
124 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 3 hours

Other details:

This is a new product


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