Many trampoline models

Our trampolines come in many different sizes, shapes and colours. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealers to find out about the options available. The trampoline is fantastic at getting everybody going. Bouncing wildly on the trampoline brings out a sweat and exercises the whole body.

Bouncing is healthy for body and mind

Children find it easy to come up with games to play and challenge each other when capering about on the trampoline, exercising both their bodies and brains. Without solid ground under their feet, the children have to constantly be aware of their centre of gravity, which develops their gross motor skills, balance, legs and back muscles. Also, the forces to which their skeletons are exposed when accelerating in connection with bounces increase bone density and strengthen bones.

The mental benefits of trampolining include improved concentration and endurance. It takes a lot to be able to balance, bounce and predict your next movements all at the same time. Because trampolining is great fun, children are usually keen to try again and again when learning new trampoline tricks or when wanting to just master bouncing on their own. They are rewarded with a new skill, but also the lesson that perseverance pays off.

Product highlights

Trains balance and coordi­na­tion
Streng­thens gross motor skills
90% assembled on delivery
Trains the vestibular sense


Trains balance and coordi­na­tion

Children use their whole body to keep their balance and coordinate their movements on the play equipment. Balance and coordination are fundamental to children’s physical and cognitive development, and it is therefore important that they are stimulated from an early age.


Streng­thens gross motor skills

Children use their major muscle groups and strengthen their gross motor skills when playing on the play equipment. Gross motor skills are vital for both their basic motor development as well as their fine motor skills.


90% assembled on delivery

We deliver the play equipment almost fully assembled for quick and easy installation and preparation.


Trains the vestibular sense

When seesawing, playing on the swings and balancing, children train their vestibular sense. This has a bearing on their language and basic motor development as well as their movement and concentration. Children with a strong vestibular sense are more open to new challenges.


Article number

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
150 x 150 x 0 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

400 x 400 cm

Max. fall height
90 cm

Other details:

This is a new product

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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