Rope swing for the playground

The rope swing is a multifunctional piece of play equipment that tests children’s balance while also functioning as a swing. The large section of rope in the middle provides children with something to stand on if they want to train their balance and pretend it is a bridge for crossing. Children can also sit on the rope and, by pulling and pushing together, get the rope to swing back and forth.

Swings and balance equipment are extremely beneficial for children’s development. They help to strengthen their physical abilities such as their motor skills, balance and coordination. At the same time, the play equipment also supports children’s cognitive and social skills. The better children become at coping with physical challenges, the more self-confidence they build. Children who are confident in their own abilities are more prepared to try new things and more open to participating in new games and forming new social relations.

The rope swing is made of durable materials with low-maintenance, galvanised posts and vandalism-proof Taifun rope.

Product highlights

Gal­va­nised posts
Trains balance and coordi­na­tion
Taifun rope with vandalism protection
Flexible solutions


Gal­va­nised posts

Our posts are hot-dip galvanised, and therefore require very little maintenance and are protected against rust.


Trains balance and coordi­na­tion

Children use their whole body to keep their balance and coordinate their movements on the play equipment. Balance and coordination are fundamental to children’s physical and cognitive development, and it is therefore important that they are stimulated from an early age.


Taifun rope with vandalism protection

Taifun rope is vandalism-proof and highly resistant to wear, as it has a core of 48 strong steel wires. The core also gives the rope a tensile strength of 4,500 kg.


Flexible solutions

The balance equipment works both as single pieces or in combination with other pieces of equipment, for example an obstacle course.


Article number
650900: In-ground mounting

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
310 x 110 x 120 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

610 x 410 cm

Max. fall height
80 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 3 hours


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