Fun swing rides for wheelchair users

Venus has been specially developed for wheelchair users, and is perfect for playgrounds that focus on being more inclusive.

Children love swings. The feeling of whizzing through the air creates a rush of excitement and puts a smile on their faces. At the same time, swinging also benefits children both physically and cognitively. In the Venus swing, children use their arms to pull on the ropes to get the swing going, which exercises their muscles and gross motor skills. Cognitively, their vestibular sense is developed by the swinging movements, and this sense helps to improve, among other things, language and concentration.

We recommend that the swing is only used and installed in supervised playgrounds. The swing frame is available in either red or green, so you can choose the colour that best suits your playground. See the model in red.

Note: The swing is available with a locking mechanism. The lock cannot be installed after delivery, and must be ordered separately.

Product highlights

Red or green lacquer
Trains the vestibular sense
Cause and effect


Red or green lacquer

The play equipment is available in either red or green. The two variants allow you to choose the colour according to your wishes and requirements.


Trains the vestibular sense

When seesawing, playing on the swings and balancing, children train their vestibular sense. This has a bearing on their language and basic motor development as well as their movement and concentration. Children with a strong vestibular sense are more open to new challenges.


Cause and effect

Interacting with the movement of the play equipment makes children more aware of the relationship between cause and effect. This is an important part of supporting their logical sense.


Article number
650190: In-ground mounting

Recommended ages
From 1 year

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
294 x 193 x 261 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

600 x 700 cm

Max. fall height
130 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 6 hours

Other details:

This product is inclusive


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