Enjoy an adrenaline rush with a low-maintenance cableway

Cableways have been a huge hit for generations. From when children are little and have a ride with their mother or father until they dare to whizz down on their own. This cableway is 30 metres long and is also available in 20-metre and 25-metre versions.

Designed to withstand even the wildest ride

The cableway is certified according to EN 1176 and complies with all safety requirements. Our cableways are available in three different lengths – 20, 25 and 30 metres – and are available in either a green or a red/grey version. They are made of galvanised steel, which ensures a stable construction that will be a huge source of fun for lots of children for years.

Product highlights

Red or green lacquer
Cause and effect
Streng­thens gross motor skills
Trains balance and coordi­na­tion


Red or green lacquer

The play equipment is available in either red or green. The two variants allow you to choose the colour according to your wishes and requirements.


Cause and effect

Interacting with the movement of the play equipment makes children more aware of the relationship between cause and effect. This is an important part of supporting their logical sense.


Streng­thens gross motor skills

Children use their major muscle groups and strengthen their gross motor skills when playing on the play equipment. Gross motor skills are vital for both their basic motor development as well as their fine motor skills.


Trains balance and coordi­na­tion

Children use their whole body to keep their balance and coordinate their movements on the play equipment. Balance and coordination are fundamental to children’s physical and cognitive development, and it is therefore important that they are stimulated from an early age.


Article number
650170: In-ground mounting

Recommended ages
From 5 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
3401 x 430 x 435 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

3401 x 445 cm

Max. fall height
158 cm

Approximate installation time
2 persons – 12 hours


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