Springers for every game

Here, the children can unleash their inner cowboy and ride out across the prairie. A popular springer at any playground.

LEDON Originals has a large selection of springers shaped like animals and vehicles. All the springers are ideal for role-playing – feeding the horse, mending the motorcycle etc. In addition, they strengthen motor skills and balance, as the children need to use their arms and legs to hold on while rocking back and forth.

The springers are all made of low-maintenance materials with ergonomic nylon handles that minimise the risk of dental damage and ensure that children’s hands do not stick to them in frosty weather.

Why choose LEDON Originals?

  • The safe choice – a series of proven playground favourites for generations.
  • Play equipment manufactured to the high quality for which we are known and with a focus on safety.
  • Individual pieces of play equipment that can enhance the play value of existing playgrounds.
  • A wide range of play equipment to suit every need.

Product highlights

Non-slip surface
Springs with paten­ted tensioning
Cause and effect
Ergo­nomic handles
Trains the vestibular sense


Non-slip surface

A 3 mm thick rubber coating on the seat ensures that children sit securely – even when seesawing wildly.


Springs with paten­ted tensioning

The spring is designed to prevent fingers from getting caught. At the same time, our patented tensioning system ensures a long service life with minimal risk of breakage. The spring is also galvanised and lacquered to protect against rust.


Cause and effect

Interacting with the movement of the play equipment makes children more aware of the relationship between cause and effect. This is an important part of supporting their logical sense.


Ergo­nomic handles

The handles are ergonomically designed and minimise the risk of eye and dental injuries.


Trains the vestibular sense

When seesawing, playing on the swings and balancing, children train their vestibular sense. This has a bearing on their language and basic motor development as well as their movement and concentration. Children with a strong vestibular sense are more open to new challenges.


Article number
4301,0: In-ground mounting
4301,1: Surface mounting

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
89 x 43 x 81 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

289 x 243 cm

Max. fall height
49 cm

Approximate installation time
1 person – 1 hour

Other details:

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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