Meet the farmer

LEDON Originals has many different types of playhouses which are inspired by many of the vehicles that we all know from our daily lives. Our red tractor is perfect for children wanting to play farmer, and when the fields and livestock need looking after. Would you prefer a green tractor? Then take a closer look at Tractor, green.

The tractor is packed with moving parts that make role-play even more fun and lifelike. The children can steer the wheel, move the gear lever and turn the crank. On top of enhancing the play value, all the moving parts also help to strengthen children’s fine motor skills. Gripping the parts and making small movements as part of their play will benefit them later in life when, for example, they have to hold a pencil and learn to write.

Like all our other playhouses, the tractor can be installed directly on grass, and is made of durable and low-maintenance materials.

Why choose LEDON Originals?

  • The safe choice – a series of proven playground favourites for generations.
  • Play equipment manufactured to the high quality for which we are known and with a focus on safety.
  • Individual pieces of play equipment that can enhance the play value of existing playgrounds.
  • A wide range of play equipment to suit every need.

Product highlights

Make every day playful
Develops fine motor skills
90% assembled on delivery
So­cial and lan­guage skills
Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene


Make every day playful

The playhouse is based on a vehicle which children are familiar with and which they can easily make part of their play.


Develops fine motor skills

The many moving parts support the development of children’s fine motor skills. Through the stimulation of their fine motor skills, children learn to make small precise movements which, among other things, make it easier for them to hold and control a pencil.


90% assembled on delivery

We deliver the play equipment almost fully assembled for quick and easy installation and preparation.


So­cial and lan­guage skills

The play equipment offers ample opportunities for children to engage in cooperative play. It grows their social and language skills, which is key to developing relationships and friendships.



Children love role-play. It improves their understanding of themselves and their surroundings, because by imitating the world around them, they learn more about patterns of behaviour, social interaction and handling emotions.


Non-toxic and recy­clable poly­ethy­lene

The polyethylene boards are 100% recyclable, and contain no hazardous chemicals. They are approved according to the specific requirements of both the EU Toy Safety Directive EN 71 and the US Food Directive.


Article number
1710: In-ground mounting
1711: Surface mounting

Recommended ages
From 2 years

Product dimensions (LxWxH)
133 x 110 x 120 cm

Area requirement incl.
safety distances (LxW)

433 x 410 cm

Max. fall height
59 cm

Approximate installation time
1 person – 8 hours

Other details:

This product can be installed directly on grass without additional fall protection


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