LEDON’s warranties cover material faults in the stated length of time for the respective material. The warranty is only valid if the product was installed correctly and has been maintained in accordance with LEDON’s assembly and maintenance instructions.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by ordinary wear and tear, negligence, faulty maintenance, vandalism and abuse. Furthermore the warranty does not cover if original LEDON parts are used with unoriginal parts.

Changes in the material that only alter the product’s appearance – such as changes in colour (Plastic and wooden parts) and shrinkage cracks in wood – are not covered by the warranty. However, we give 5 years warranty on considerable fading of HDPE board parts.

Products that are occasionally exposed to chlorine, sand or salt spray, are not covered by LEDON’s warranty against corrosion.

For further information please refer to our general sales and delivery terms.

LEDON’s warranties – your assurance of quality and durability

20 years warranty

  • Boards of HDPE
  • Steel posts and top beams
  • Floor beams and steel frames
  • Other galvanized bearing parts
  • Components of stainless steel

10 years warranty

  • Other galvanized fittings
  • Metal parts in fitness equipment
  • Components of spray cast PE and PA6
  • Cedar wood and Robinia
  • Larch wood not touching the ground

5 years warranty

  • Painted metal parts
  • Springs
  • Ropes
  • Rotation molded PE tube slide tubes

2 years warranty

  • Movable plastic and metal parts
  • Sun shades

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