Quality at all levels

At LEDON, quality covers many aspects. From play value to longevity, from design to safety. For us, quality means that both the children’s and the grown-ups’ needs are met.

With more then 40 years experience and an attitude that values quality and safety more than anything else, we can proudly say that all our products are 100% maintenance-free and approved of by TÜV Hamburg IAW EN 1176.

  • Our polyethylene (PE) boards are approved of by FDA.
  • Our polyethylene (PE) boards are UV stabilized and 100% recyclable.
  • All our steel pipes are galvanized from the in- and outside.
  • All our products are approved of by TÜV Hamburg IAW the latest releases of EN 1176.

We know that children develop a whole lot on the playground. When playing, children get to know themselves and their own limits. A top quality playground can have them all – both children who prefer to observe and children who like to challenge themselves.

At LEDON, we only use top quality material. This means you can rely on our materials being environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and long lasting. Our polyethylene boards are UV stabilized and approved of IAW FDA’s rules.

Our polyethylene boards don’t split or crack and are non-toxic. Joints are made of impact-proof nylon, and all edges on all parts are rounded to minimize the risk of injuries. All materials are inherently stable and will defy all kinds of weather and plenty playing children!

Invisible quality is as important as visible quality. Our steel pipes are galvanized from the in- and outside to give them allround protection against rust. Furthermore, all standing and sitting surfaces are covered with 3 mm rubber to protect children from slipping in wet weather conditions.

You can read more about the LEDON’s maintenance free materials on the side about Materials and our solid guarantees are described in detail under Warranties.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our products, prices, or product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us: +45 7482 6565 or info@ledonplay.com

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