Park equipment

Play structures and other items are what makes a playground fun. But a little more is required to make a playground a good place to be also for Mums and Dads.

LEDON’s park range will fit into any urban surroundings, and surely you will find everything you need to perfect your playground area. There are tables and benches that invite you to sit down and have a picnic. And don’t forget to put up some waste bins and maybe ashtrays so that all guests can keep the area tidy. Bicycle racks will help against bikes floating around all over the place.

Come in and find out about our park range – and create a playground area that the whole family will love to visit for hours.

So nice to be here!

Our range of park equipment is very strong, and all steel parts are protected from corrosion. All wooden parts are sanded and have a nice and soft finish.

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