A pirate ship for the smallest of pirates 

Sally is a real pirate ship for the youngest children. Sally has been designed with and for the youngest children aged from about 1-4 years of age. Despite Sally’s compact size, the ship is filled with play activities: an anchor that can be raised, a movable compass, a ship’s wheel, rubber slats and so on. 

A little ship with a lot of advantages 

The big advantage of the pirate ship Sally is, among other things, that it can be delivered 98% assembled on a single pallet. All that needs to be done is for the ground anchor to be mounted, if necessary. The ship can stand without being secured, which allows it to be moved around or taken inside for the winter. The materials which are used to make Sally are 100% reusable, so that when Sally retires, she can become part of a new playground.

Why buy LEDON Pirates?

  • Developed in collaboration with children.
  • Can be infinitely expanded with ships, treasure islands and suspension bridges.
  • Ships in many different price ranges.
  • Ships can be combined with play systems from LEDON’s other theme worlds.
  • Unique playground in modular set-up.


Learn to crawl, stand and walk

The Brum the Bee crawling bridge is designed for tots and toddlers who are learning to crawl, stand and walk. Brum the Bee is designed to give even the youngest children something to hold onto so that they can pull themselves up when practising how to keep their balance. The specially developed cubic grain floor provides a non-slip surface, so even the smallest feet stand firm. Brum the Bee’s wings are made of transparent polycarbonate, enabling children to keep an eye on what’s happening around them – even at crawling height.

Indoor or outdoor – EN1176-approved

The Brum the Bee crawling bridge is for indoor as well as outdoor use. Outside, it will provide hours of fun throughout the summer, after which it can be washed and brought inside during the winter months. Indoors, we recommend placing it on a carpet. Like the rest of the LEDON MiniPlay series, Brum the Bee is approved and certified in accordance with the European standard EN1176, which guarantees that MiniPlay complies with strict quality and safety requirements. Brum the Bee is made of LEDON’s own polyethylene material. As a result, Brum the Bee requires very little maintenance. And when Brum the Bee comes to the end of its life, the material is 100% recyclable and can be used to make a new playground.

MiniPlay is the best playground equipment for the youngest children:

  • LEDON MiniPlay has been specifically designed for children aged 0-4 years
  • Ensures natural development through play
  • Developed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals
  • 100% maintenance-free play equipment
  • Made in Denmark – short delivery times


Explore Off-roader has been developed in collaboration with children

The Explore Off-roader is very popular with children. The Off-roader is targeted at 2 to 5-year-olds, where each play activity is adapted to the children’s naturally creative, physical, cognitive and social development.

The Explore Off-roader was developed in collaboration with children – in a so-called co-creation design process, where the children’s input was crucial for the final design of both the off-roader and the numerous play activities. The off-roader has been tested as a prototype several times, and along the way, we have learned more about how children play, so that we have been able to improve the various activities and provide even better play experiences.

An activity-packed off-roader

From the driver’s seat, several children can operate the Explore Off-roader’s controls, with the steering wheel, moveable buttons and the built-in walkie-talkie. At the front is a moveable towing hook, which also functions as an abacus for number play etc. The headlights also move, stimulating children’s fine motor skills while serving as an element for role-play.

At the back, there is space for passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy the view, or to stand and control the vehicle’s telescope. A large window separates the passenger seat and the driver’s seat, yet provides plenty of opportunity for children to interact. From the back seat, there is access to a number of small activities, for example the moveable fuel tank cap and the rotating spare wheel.

Supplied 80% assembled

One of the main advantages of the Explore Off-roader is that it is supplied 80 per cent assembled, so that it can quickly be prepared for action with the accompanying tools. In addition, it requires no special maintenance or safety surfacing.

LEDON Explore is your guarantee of a high-quality playgrounds

  • Designed in cooperation with children to ensure the highest possible play value.
  • Developed using materials that require low maintenance and with natural colours.
  • 100% Danish-produced
  • Short delivery times
  • We prepare design proposals so you can see what your new playground might look like.
  • The entire Explore series is approved by TÜV SÜD in accordance with the latest standard EN 1176.


Crawl up Bear’s back and dash down! Or have a little rest in the ”cave”.


The kids get more and more excited while dashing along to extinct a fire. Tables, benches and movable parts invite to all kinds of role play. A wonderful new play house that will be an improvement on most playgrounds. Can be placed directly on the the ground.


Man kan mærke spændingen stiger når man suser afsted for at slukke ildebranden. Med bænke og bevægelige dele er der mange muligheder for rolleleg. Et spændende legehus som vil være en sikker vinder på legepladsen. Dette legehus kan stilles direkte på jorden.


This set fits everywhere. It seats ten children with ten packed lunches