Our vision:

LEDON’s vision is to support and inspire children in their physical, communicational and cognitive development.

Our mission:

LEDON’s mission is to create a safe environment in which children can evolve their bodies and minds by developing new and better playground items all the time.

Play value:

High value playground items challenge children according to their age and maturity and stay interesting for them.

We constantly implement high play value in both details and in the bigger picture. We want our playground equipment to stimulate the children’s imagination and to support their physical and mental development.

No waste:

The amount of waste to be burnt og deposited has grown constantly over the last decades. As a supplier of playground equipment for children, we feel compelled to restrain this development by chosing re-usable materials whereever possible. That is why a big part of the material used in our polyethylene boards is recycled material. Chippings and cutoffs from our own production will be re-used in new boards. Metal waste, foil, cardboard and paper is collected and re-used, so that our production is close to zero fallout. Should our customers after many years wish to exchange one of their LEDON playground items, most of its parts will be able to be re-used.


Not only children need to feel safe on a playground. Safety also means that grown-ups can let their children play without worrying about pinched fingers or worse. We’ve been thinking of safety for 43 years – now we’re not really thinking it anymore, it’s become understood. We know the rules and we use our experience and common sense – for your and your children’s safety. All LEDON’s play equipment is controlled and certified by TÜV in accordance with EN 1176.


LEDON uses eco-friendly, non-toxic, long-lasting and maintenance-free material only. That is not the cheapest way to produce playground equipment, but we think it’s the better way.

Product development:

LEDON’s innovative product development aspires to create playground equipment that develops our children’s motor, language and social skills in a safe environment. Our products’ design is meant to stimulate their imagination. With our wide selection of different playground equipment, we aim to offer equipment that fits into almost any surroundings.


LEDON wants to offer their employees a good place of work, because we want them to stay for many years. Our current technical staff’s average seniority is nine years. Long length of service means a lot of know-how and experience, which again contributes to high quality service all the way from order receipt to delivery/mounting.

Power consumption:

LEDON cares for the environment, and we seek to bring down our power consumption all the time. From 2010 to 2011, we managed to reduce our consumption by 28% – and we will continue to implement different actions to use even less energy.

Choice of component suppliers:

We have high standards regarding quality and punctuality. To be able to comply with these, and because we don’t wish to cause more pollution than necessary by transporting long distance, we have chosen to work with component suppliers from Denmark and the rest of the EU.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our products, prices, or product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us: +45 7482 6565 or info@ledonplay.com

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