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This is soooooo exciting!! A pirate takes a look at the new treasure chart and finds his way to the secret place. Another little rascal finds her way through the maze and beams proudly.

For more than 20 years, Classic has been the setting for children’s social and motor games. We think it’s okay to touch classics, if you make them even more fun.

Which is why we have updated our Classic-series, based on new knowledge of children’s development through play. Apart from treasure chart and maze, the new structures also offer a car lane, calculators, climbing net and many more surprises. All in all, a play structure for all ages with both motor and social challenges. Which design do you like best? Our classic signal colours or the more nature like tones?

Lasting for generations

The combination of wood, rope and polyethylene is very popular for those who wish a maintenance-free wooden play structure. We give 10 years guarantee against dry rot and mould, and our structures are delivered with metal shoes to make sure the construction is as strong and steady as possible. Our ropes are inherently stable and safe from vandalism because of their steel core.

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