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The police are hunting robbers, the helicopter is flying across the city, and the train whistles its ready-to-go. Go for a ride on the bus or try some of the moveable parts in the tractor’s cabin.

LEDON City’s well-known everyday life situations inspire children to role play. They recall things they have experienced or seen, they re-play them, and maybe even re-invent them, since LEDON City gives free rein to imagination. Already aged 2 or 3 years, children start playing in an interactive way with other children. One of the first places children meet new friends is the playground. Play houses and familiar situations offer the framework for role play that will be of importance for the children’s development for years to come.

Role play requires the children to cooperate and communicate, and that way they learn to compromise, to negotiate and to resolve conflicts. That is why LEDON City is the perfect framework for the children’s creative and language development.

Durable framework for the children’s development

LEDON City is mainly made of polyethylene – a recyclable and very hard-wearing material that on top of it is 100% maintenance-free. Neither scratches nor fissures or extreme cold or heat reduce the products’ longevity. Our PE-boards are UV-stabilized, too, which is why we guarantee the colours won’t fade considerably for five years.

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