Hindbærvænget, Kolding

The dream of a pirate ship came true

The homeowners’ association Blaabærvej had fallen in love with our pirate ships from the series LEDON Pirates. Our ships come in a large selection of sizes, and therefore the homeowners’ association could easily find one that fit into their budget and area. The height and size of the ship was crucial as they had to ensure that there was no view into the surrounding gardens. And at the same time, they wanted to preserve an area of the lawn for playing football. Therefore, the choice fell on the model Nathalie, which is one of our medium-sized ships.

The ship Nathalie is full of play activities for both big and small children. With a movable wheel, anchor, telescope, plank and much more, as well as a slide, there are many hours of entertainment for the children. To create a real pirate universe, the ship was supplemented by two springers shaped like seals and a seesaw designed as a raft. This combination of play equipment gives the children good opportunities for different kinds of play, just as it stimulates their imagination.

The area is often used by nearby day care institutions and children from the neighborhood, and they all enjoy going to the sea when they visit the playground.

Engparken, Ribe

Play zones on the playground provide space for children of all age groups

The homeowners’ association Centerområdet i Ribe had to replace their old playground on the area’s green space. With supplementary funds from both Norlys Vækstpulje and Esbjerg Municipality, the wish for a large playground that can accommodate children from 0-12 years of age became a reality.

The new playground is divided into several small areas, all suitable for specific types of play or age groups. For example, there is an area for the smallest children, which is designed with age-appropriate play equipment such as playhouses, a baby swing and a play system from our series LEDON MiniPlay, which has been specially developed for children from 0-3 years.

In addition, there is an area with swings as well as one with a balance course and a ship’s bow. The bigger children can enjoy our largest play system from LEDON Explore, which is full of opportunities to train gross motor skills using climbing walls, wobbly bridges, rope tunnels and slides.

Jens Henriksen, who is the chairman of the homeowners’ association, is very satisfied with the final playground and says:

We think that the finished result has succeeded really well. We are very proud to have been able to establish the playground to the extent that it actually is. The playground is used by our day care institutions – both kindergartens and nurseries to a large extent. During the day and at weekends, it is a gathering place for our residents in the homeowners’ association. So, we are very satisfied with the result that we have today.

Jens Henriksen, the chairman of the homeowners’ association

He also says the following about our collaboration:

The cooperation we have had with LEDON means that we will not hesitate to recommend LEDON for other future projects. If someone asks us about the collaboration, we have had with LEDON, then it has been incomparable – it has been really good. Only a big recommendation for LEDON from here.

Jens Henriksen, the chairman of the homeowners’ association

Trenevej, Sønderborg

Playgrounds that complement each other

The housing association B42 wanted to renew their two nearby playgrounds. As they are within walking distance of each other, it was decided that one should be more adapted to the little ones, while the one on Trenevej should focus on the older children. At the same time, it was necessary to take the space into account. The housing association wanted to preserve some of the grass so that the residents could play ball, kubb, etc.

The solution was playground equipment at one end of the green area with a table and bench set in the middle, so that one can keep an eye on both the playground and ball games. The play equipment is from the LEDON Explore and LEDON Basic series. They provide a playground that offers play activities for everyone, just as the natural colors of the series blend in well with the surroundings. The children benefit from classic equipment such as swings, playhouse, see-saw and a play system with one of the children’s favourites, namely the slide. In addition, they can train their balance on one of our obstacle courses, which is a fun challenge for older children.

When two playgrounds are in the same area, we always take this into account in the design. The customers might have different wishes, but the vast majority prefer, like the housing association B42, that the two playgrounds complement each other instead of being the same. Solutions with variety ensure that the children have versatile experiences, and their benefit from the value of play and natural development is thus greater.

The play system is specially designed without a hut. The standard version is shown in the product overview.

Gredstedbro Borgerforening

Great cooperation, great playground, great joy!

The wide range of play equipment ensures that children of all ages enjoy the playground.

Valmuemarken in Gredstedbro south of Esbjerg now has a big new playground which is bursting with fun play equipment. The playground came into being through a collaboration between the civic association Gredstedbro Borgerforening, the Municipality of Esbjerg and a group of local residents.

There was a desire that the playground should be able to accommodate multiple age groups, so that as many children as possible could enjoy it. It was realised by choosing a wide selection of play equipment from the LEDON Explore series. With springers, swings, playhouses, a climbing frame and play systems, there is no doubt that the playground has everything that children young and old could want.

The opening of the new playground was celebrated on a sunny day in summer 2021 and was attended by many children and adults. The children tried out all the new play equipment, which immediately brought forth the smiles. The playground has quickly become a place for the locals to gather, and is also popular with childminders and children in the area.

Stagebjergparken, Almind

A new playground slowly takes shape

The Stagebjergparken homeowners’ association wanted to renew their playground, but ideally it had to happen over a period of time. Therefore, they have gradually replaced various pieces of play equipment and adapted the playground to their existing play area.

First, the homeowners’ association chose the ship’s bow section Sixtus, which is part of our LEDON Pirates series. They liked the fact that it had enough space for several children to play at the same time, and that it encourages cooperative play and role-playing. This was exactly what was needed to enhance the play value of the playground.

Next, it was decided to add equipment that would enable children to test their climbing skills. With one of our large play systems from LEDON Basic, fun climbing activities were guaranteed, with challenges even for older children. The large play system is ideal for developing children’s physical and gross motor skills.

The playground has slowly taken shape, and more play activities have been added for the children. Both the LEDON Basic and LEDON Pirates universes can easily be expanded over a period of time. Lots of extra elements can be added should the homeowners’ association want to develop the playground further in future.

Uglekær, Aabenraa

Three new playgrounds for local children

In Aabenraa in southern Denmark, we have collaborated extensively with the housing association Kolstrup Boligforening, which had three new playgrounds installed in 2021. The projects at Præsteskoven, Frueløkke and Uglekær all had to meet the housing association’s criteria – the playgrounds had to be durable and safe, and they wanted simple and attractive solutions.

The playgrounds that we have delivered meet all these requirements, as we only supply play equipment which is made of durable, low-maintenance materials that can withstand the wind and weather. Likewise, all our equipment is safety-certified according to the European standard EN 1176. In this way, we ensure the safety and durability of our playgrounds.

In terms of arriving at simple and well-designed solutions, we have made the most of the available areas with play equipment from our LEDON Explore series. The series targets a wide age group, and is designed in natural and neutral colours. As the play equipment has been developed in collaboration with children, the play value is second to none, as both its thematic appearance and the play activities spark children’s imagination.

Carsten Nielsen, property inspector at the housing association Kolstrup Boligforening, is very happy with his collaboration with LEDON, and says:

LEDON was very quick to respond when I contacted the company, and soon took charge of the task in hand. There is no doubt that LEDON’s playground equipment is a good product and long-lasting, and it also comes in many different colours that appeal to a wide age group. The thinking behind the choice of colours etc., in which the children are involved, is very appealing.

Carsten Nielsen, Property inspector

AAB Vejle

Head off to sea on the large pirate ship Victoria

The housing association AAB Vejle wanted to update one of their playgrounds. The old playground, which consisted of a climbing tower and slide, needed renewing. The board wanted the new playground to encourage more role-play and to cater for the needs of younger children.

Based on our various suggestions, the board chose the large pirate ship Victoria from our LEDON Pirates theme world. The ship has a wealth of play activities, and is perfect for engaging children of all ages. At ground level it has moving parts and thematic elements such as a treasure chest, telescope, compass, anchor etc.These all encourage cooperative play and role-play as children immerse themselves in the pirate universe. For older children wanting to challenge their physical abilities, there is the large climbing net on the aft deck. This can be used to access the top of the ship, from where the children can slide down.

The pirate ship from LEDON Pirates fulfilled all the housing association’s wishes, and local children now have a play system with lots of activities and great play value. The impressive ship is also eye-catching, and attracts a lot of children as a result.

Vindinggård homeowners’ association, Vejle

No rot or decay with a low-maintenance play system

The homeowners’ association Vindinggård needed to replace its old wooden play system, and they were keen for their new system to require only a bare minimum of maintenance.

All our play equipment is made from polyethylene, a low-maintenance and recyclable material. It is very durable and can withstand fluctuating temperatures as well as all kinds of weather. We offer a life-time warranty on our polyethylene, because we know from experience that it lasts. Therefore, it was also the right choice for Vindinggård homeowners’ association. Read more about the many advantages of low-maintenance materials under quality materials.

The homeowners’ association’s new play system is Brody from our LEDON Basic series. For this series, we have designed high-quality play equipment which is attractively priced thanks to our optimised internal processes and material consumption. The play value is still second to none, and children will therefore enjoy spending many hours on Brody.

Brombærvænget, Kolding

Play equipment that can be adapted to any area

The homeowners’ association Blaabærvej wanted to add play value to their communal green area, which everyone in the neighbourhood enjoys using. The size of the area to some extent determined which play equipment to have in the playground. The lawned area already had a football pitch on one side, so the new equipment had to fit into an oblong area on the other.

The choice therefore fell on our straight obstacle course from LEDON Basic, which was a perfect fit for the available space. Also, the balance equipment only requires grass as a safety surface, and the obstacle course could therefore be mounted directly on the grass. As could the Butterfly seesaw, which has also been beautifully integrated into the playground.

Read more: Play equipment for grass

The swings and somersault bar, which are sure hits with children, complete the area. The wide range of play equipment ensures that the playground is inviting and fun for different age groups. All the local children can therefore have fun in the challenging and entertaining playground.

Børnehuset Fladhøj, Rødekro

Playground welcomed by both children and childcare professionals

At Børnehuset Fladhøj, an integrated day care institution and kindergarten in southern Denmark, the children and childcare professionals have been given new play equipment for the outdoor playground. It comprises the play environment Filippa and the Brum the Bee crawling bridge from our MiniPlay series, which is particularly suitable for institutions.

MiniPlay has been developed in collaboration with children and childcare professionals, and focuses on giving the youngest children a good start early in life by developing their motor skills. The childcare professionals at Børnehuset Fladhøj are particularly pleased with the floor height of the play system, which has been designed so that the adults do not have to adopt unergonomic positions when helping children to play. The staff are therefore able to follow the children around the entire play system without having to bend down.

The Filippa play system features many colours, moving parts and play activities that catch the children’s attention and encourage them to use their fine motor skills and practise their language skills. The childcare professionals at Fladhøj are also pleased that the children’s gross motor skills are challenged as they move from one level to another. The gentle slope helps children to train their balance and ability to walk.

Brum the Bee is designed to help the very youngest. It enables children to safely practise crawling, walking and standing, as they can hold onto several handles and stand firmly on the non-slip surface. At Børnehuset Fladhøj, Brum was a particularly appropriate choice. They have a group called ‘Brumbasserne’, so Brum was sure to feel completely at home with the children there.