Specialbørnehaven Karlebo, Kokkedal

A playground that caters for children with special needs

Specialbørnehaven Karlebo now has a new playground. The institution is for children aged 0 to 6 years who need special support due to their significant and permanent physical and mental disability. It is therefore crucial that the playground is carefully designed in view of the children’s special needs and the ways in which the childcare professionals can best support their development.

In particular, it is important that the equipment is easily accessible for staff and can serve as an educational tool in their work. It was crucial, for example, that the play system was not too high. Therefore, Karlebo chose the Sikan play system, which comprises two towers with a floor height of 90 cm and steps that provide easy access for children and staff. In addition, the Sikan play towers are equipped with a slide and a lookout barrel, respectively. The playground was also upgraded with a carousel and an off-roader, which were positioned to encourage cooperative play and interaction between children using the play system and children using the off-roader. The carousel ensures additional sensory stimulation of the children’s vestibular sense and thus their balance.

Jomfru Ellens Vej, Karise

Fun play activities for all ages

At Jomfru Ellens Vej in Karise on southern Zealand, Faxe and Hylleholt Housing Association has a new playground. The old one needed renewing, and the housing association wanted a new playground that would appeal to children of all ages.

The solution was to have a wide range of play equipment to ensure activities for all age groups. Much of the playground equipment comes from the LEDON Basic series. This series comprises a range of equipment which is designed for children aged 2 to 12. The series was therefore the right choice for the housing association.

The swings and the Bjork play tower are designed for older children. Bjork’s high climbing wall panel and sliding poles challenge the children motorically, which is good for the older children who are already physically adept. Younger children can try the springer and whizz down the parrot slide, while the mini swing is perfect for toddlers.

Susan Rolvung, a member of the resident’s association, is convinced that the right play equipment has been chosen. She says:

Our collaboration with LEDON has gone well. We are very pleased with the playground and especially the playground consultant, who listened very carefully to our wishes. Despite our many requirements, we now have a wonderful playground, and one that children love playing on.

Susan Rolvung, Board member

Dalgårdsparken, Faxe

Traditional playground with budget-friendly play equipment

Dalgårdsparken, a housing association department in Faxe on southern Zealand, has updated their playground, adding several new pieces of play equipment. Faxe and Hylleholt Housing Association, which was responsible for the project, wanted a traditional playground with many different pieces of play equipment. At the same time, a budget-friendly solution was required, so the housing association’s funds would stretch as far as possible.

To fulfil these wishes, we supplied a seesaw, a springer and a playhouse from our LEDON Basic series. They are all classic pieces of play equipment which children adore. Moreover, the Basic series is our most budget-friendly series, so your money goes that bit further. To complete the playground, the housing association chose a slide from the LEDON Explore theme world. The parrot slide is safe and easy to use thanks to the non-slip steps, and therefore also suitable for smaller children.

In this way, we have successfully created a complete playground at Dalgårdsparken which local children can use and enjoy for many years.

Familieforeningen Kalundborg

A large playground for bringing children and adults together

In Kalundborg on Zealand, a place has been created for young families living in the city to gather. Thanks to the family association Familiehjørnet Kalundborg and the ‘get it fixed’ funding pool from the Municipality of Kalundborg, a dream of having a large playground is now a reality.

The playground features play equipment from several of our theme worlds, so there is something for every age group. The association liked the play equipment from our LEDON MiniPlay series in particular. Laura Deigaard Sørensen, anchorperson for the association, says:

We chose LEDON because we think their equipment matched our wish for a playground that caters for the youngest children, and because they managed to create a coherent solution that made a lot of sense to us. The play equipment appeals to the children with its sweet designs and colours, and stimulates their imagination, motor skills and creativity.

Laura Deigaard Sørensen, Foreningen Familiehjørnet

It was a huge project, and the playground was therefore officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Kalundborg, Martin Damm, with speeches from several stakeholders before Nova, aged 5, helped cut the red ribbon. The playground is now ready to welcome local children and adults as well as visitors.

Laura Deigaard Sørensen has no doubts they now have their dream playground. Commenting on the playground and our collaboration, she says:

Our collaboration with LEDON has been excellent from start to finish. Our communication with LEDON has been good, and they have been very service-minded. LEDON’s consultants were good at listening and understood our needs and wishes regarding the playground design, so that at the end of the day we have a playground that fulfils all our dreams. In addition, all deadlines were met, and they delivered on all counts.

Laura Deigaard Sørensen, Foreningen Familiehjørnet

Hallingparken, Brøndby

In 2019, Hallingparken in Brøndby wanted to change their old playground to a more contemporary and maintenance-free one. The most important thing for the housing association Brøndby Strand was that the children found it fun, which is why they were allowed to vote on the playground they wanted the most.

The children went with a big Castle playground that has room for children of all ages. LEDON Castle is one of LEDON’s theme worlds, where brave princes and princess’ can unleash their imagination on the castle’s many towers and activities.

Nannasgade, Copenhagen

A gathering point for children of all ages

What is the right solution if we want a playground that meets the needs of children of all ages?

The housing association VIBO in Nannasgade in Copenhagen asked itself this very question. And in collaboration with LEDON, the choice fell on the large Saldor play system for the biggest children combined with the pirate bow section and a play kitchen for the smallest.

Saldor is a popular system because it encourages games like ‘tag’ and ‘the floor is lava’. Together with the play kitchen, the pirate bow section creates a zone for the youngest children, where they are not disturbed by older children tearing around.

The playground should be a place where children of different ages can come together, and LEDON has achieved this aim, says chair of the housing association, Michael Willer Jensen:

We need to accommodate a target group spanning from 3 years old and right up to 13-14 years. We therefore went for LEDON’s suggestion of an off-roader that appeals to young children, and at the other end a bird’s nest that can accommodate 5-6 young people at once. The climbing system is perfect for the 5 to 9-year-olds. It’s an incredibly good solution. LEDON has handled the task very professionally, and listened very closely to us. Our collaboration couldn’t have been better.

Micheal Willer Jensen, Chairman of the housing association VIBO

Vodroffsvej, Frederiksberg

A place for both small and big pirates

The children’s imagination is really activated when they visit the housing association Vibo’s new pirate-playground on Vodroffsvej on Frederiksberg.

The new playground is established with the Victoria pirate ship, which is filled with activities like a compass and a play panel with moveable parts. The children can play all around the ship, which is supported by a rubber surface.

The playground contributes to the children’s imagination and motor skills. And that is also the chairman Michael Willer Jensen’s experience when he sees the children moving about:

When I’m out to inspect the playground, I see happy children running around and playing. The pirate ship allows for their imagination to run wild. That is nice to experience. We had a consultant, who really managed to listen and ask some great questions. Those questions meant that we achieved our wishes. It makes a big difference.

Michael Willer Jensen, Chairman

The play system is specially designed with a plank. The standard version is shown in the product overview.

Vølunden, Holbæk

The children have chosen LEDON’s playground

In Vølunden in the Danish city Holbæk, West Zealand’s public housing association has built new family homes, which are being completed by a nice new playground. The children have been involved in the decision making and have chosen a Pirates/Castle playground. Mette Engel, who is project manager for Vølunden, adds that the playground has been chosen by the housing association’s children as part of resident democracy:

We let them choose between three different playgrounds. This makes them feel a sense of ownership, which will result in them taking better care of the playground. I get many positive responses from there, and a little girl already said at the inauguration: ‘I love my playground’.

Mette Engel, Project manager

Central to the playground is the big pirate bow Sixtus, which is heading towards the seven seas. The children can live out their pirate dreams when they hoist the anchor, move the telescope or crawl into the secret cargo room.

In the playtower Balin the little pirates can keep a lookout through the colourful windows or they can take a trip down the slide. It is only the imagination that sets the limit to the games.

Mette Engel has been very satisfied with LEDON’s playground and the collaboration throughout, and she says in this connection:

Børnene i boligforeningen står og skal stemme om, hvilken legeplads de vil have.
A picture from the day Vølunden chose their new playground.

LEDON has been very professionnel right from the beginning. They have given us much information along the way – an example being when the local authority gave us trouble with the building permit. They make a nice product with harmonic colours that encourages play. At our inauguration of the playground they even offered to send balloons and sweets.

Mette Engel, Project manager