BørneUniverset, Hobro

A complete solution for BørneUniverset’s many outdoor areas

The newly built day care institution BørneUniverset needed playgrounds for all their outdoor areas. The institution’s wish was that all areas should invite children to play and support their natural development. Here with a focus on sensory integration, movement and opportunities for immersion.

The various play environments accommodate everything from the guest day care and the nursery to the kindergarten and special needs kindergarten. Therefore, each area has been designed with regard to the developmental- and age levels of the children as well as the surroundings and the space that were available. With play equipment from our various theme worlds, we have been able to meet all the institution’s wishes and needs.

The smallest children benefit from an arrangement with play equipment from our series LEDON MiniPlay, which has been specially developed for the age group 0-3 years. While the older children can have a go with play equipment from our theme worlds LEDON Explore and LEDON Pirates, both of which are suitable for role play and developed with lots of play activities.

All our play equipment has been developed in collaboration with children. This ensures that we design play equipment that both supports the children’s development and at the same time provides the best play experiences. Would you like to read more about how we ensure children’s learning through play? See more on the page How do we co-develop our products together with children?

Sejlklubben Mou Bro, Storvorde

A pirate playground on grass

Mou Bro Sailing Club near Aalborg in northern Jutland has been wanting a playground for a long time. The club wanted a playground where young children could play safely, and at the same time the solution needed to be budget-friendly and require a minimum of excavation.

The choice therefore fell on play equipment approved for installation on grass as well as reuse of the existing safety surfaces. In this way, the sailing club was able to save a lot of money on safety surfaces and contractors. According to Mou Bro Sailing club, children are thrilled with the playground, and the Sixtus bow section is particularly popular with all the playground’s captains and sailors who love to look out over the water.

The ship’s bow and the two springers – the shark and the sea lion – support the children’s role-play. In role-play, children develop their social skills and learn to set boundaries and to say no, etc.Therefore, role-play is very important for children’s development, and is a key focus area when developing our play equipment.

Read more: How do we co-develop our products together with children?

Hals harbour

A large pirate ship in its element

Hals Boat Club in northern Jutland was very keen to have a playground at the harbour where children could play being captain of their own ship. Therefore, and much to the children’s delight, the board chose play equipment from the LEDON Pirates series, which includes the pirate ship Victoria.

The harbour has not previously had a playground and, together with local shops and restaurants, the pirate ship has created an oasis for the whole family. The Municipality of Aalborg demanded that it had to be possible to move the pirate ship. The ship has therefore been installed using concrete brackets for easy relocation.

In addition to all its moving parts, such as a ship’s wheel, compass, anchor and telescope, the ship also has a wobbly plank for audacious pirates or seamen. A treasure map and diamonds can be found in the captain’s cabin as well as the ship’s dungeon. From the upper deck, any captain can whizz down the ship’s slide.

The striking blue rubber surfacing beautifully frames the playground and inspires water-themed play. At the same time, the coloured, impact-resistant polycarbonate windows add another dimension when the panes are lit up in bright sunshine.

The play system is specially designed with a plank. The standard version is shown in the product overview.

Sundby-Hvorup Housing Association, Nørresundby

More play value for the youngest children

Sundby-Hvorup Housing Association has enhanced the play value of several of its play areas for the youngest residents and children. Several baby swings and pieces of equipment from our LEDON Explore series guarantee lots of fun for children.

One of the areas also has the Atox play system, which childminders in particular enjoy visiting. Young children love the play system’s various play options. They can whizz down the slide, scan the playground with the telescope or play with sand in the kitchen. In this way, Atox trains children’s physical and motor skills as well as their cognitive skills through role-play and by stimulating their imagination.

LEDON Explore is one of our most popular series. It is suitable for a wide age group, and features an extensive selection of play equipment which can be combined to create a complete playground. If you would like more information, please refer to our Explore page.