Ulriksdal, Viborg

A playground full of play value from top to bottom

The homeowners’ association Ulriksdal had to replace their old playground. Their wish for a new one was as little maintenance as possible. Therefore, the play equipment should preferably be made of low maintenance materials, just as the safety surface should be poured-in-place rubber.

All our play equipment is low in maintenance, which is why it was easy to design the playground and make a play environment full of different activities. The safety surface was also included in the solution. Poured-in-place rubber makes it possible to have patterns, symbols or figures built into the surface. Therefore, the children can also enjoy hopscotch on the playground and a turtle that they can climb on.

The playground has a large selection of play equipment, so all types of play are catered for. On the carousel, trampoline, seesaw and swings, the children can move at full speed, while their climbing skills are challenged on the play system. With equipment from our LEDON Explore series, imaginative role-playing is ideal, and here, among other things, our off-roader is good for starting the games.

Gjern Børnehus

A motorically challenging play system for older children at kindergartens

The kindergarten Gjern Børnehus has renewed its playground with the Benja play system from the Basic series. The kindergarten wanted a play system that would appeal in particular to the older children at the institution while also blending in with the surroundings.

With floor heights of 140 cm and 190 cm, as well as a climbing wall panel, climbing net and sliding poles, the Benja play system challenges children’s gross motor development in particular.

The sliding poles are an extra challenging slide that calls for balance, coordination and strength for children to succeed. Developing children’s gross motor skills and balance is fundamental to their further development, including learning to walk, run and cycle. Moreover, when climbing, children make cross-lateral movements with their arms and legs, which strengthens the connection between the right and left sides of their brain. This is essential for learning to read. The left side of the brain sees each individual letter, while the right side puts the letters together to form words and sentences.

JyllandsAkvariet, Thyborøn

Run away to sea with the aquarium’s fishes

JyllandsAkvariet in Thyborøn can now welcome children to the playground’s large pirate ship from LEDON Pirates. JyllandsAkvariet wanted a ship that would catch people’s attention as they entered the aquarium. Moreover, the ship should further inspire children’s games as part of their experience of encountering fish from the North Sea and Limfjorden up close.

JyllandsAkvariet installed the pirate ship itself using our detailed assembly instructions, which are always included with the play equipment.

The pirate ship Victoria has two aft decks with floor heights of 90 cm and 140 cm. On the upper aft deck, children watch the lantern light up or hurtle down the slide. The slide can either be accessed via the steps or the large crawling net at the stern of the ship. The angled crawling net is fun and very educational for children. When making cross-lateral movements with their arms and legs, they train the coordination between the right and left sides of the brain, which helps to improve their reading and writing.

Klittens Borgerforening, Hvide Sande

Visit the playground after a beach trip

The civic association Klittens Borgerforening in Hvide Sande on Jutland’s west coast has had a new playground built close to the beach. One of the main priorities was that the playground should blend in well with the dunes, sand, lyme grass and other flora. It also needed to be a low-maintenance solution. Therefore, the civic association chose a playground from the Explore series. Thanks to its natural look and low-maintenance materials, the Explore play equipment fulfilled the association’s wishes.

The playground comprises the large Virok play system, the off-roader, a springer and swings. The play equipment is mainly intended for children aged 2 to 9 years. Virok appeals to a wide age group, and at the same time has a limited area requirement – however, this does not detract from the play value in any way. The play system is packed with activities ranging from a swinging jungle hut to a kitchen, tic-tac-toe, two slides as well as suspension bridges and much more.

The civic association has financed the playground with funding from foundations as well as a contribution from the local municipality.

DjursBO, Ebeltoft

A fun playground without bothersome noise

DjursBO, a housing association in Ebeltoft, Jutland, has a new and exciting playground on one of their estates. The playground is located between two rows of houses, and DjursBO therefore had some specific wishes regarding its design. Having found in the past that the noise of children playing on high play equipment would tend to echo and create annoying reverberations, they wanted a playground that was basically lower.

The solution was an obstacle course from our LEDON Basic series as well as two trampolines and a somersault bar. These are all pieces of play equipment that children love, and at the same time they are close to the ground. They were placed one after the other to create a natural sequence of activities.

With a carefully designed solution and a sensible layout, we made it possible to put together a complete playground with a high level of play value for children of all ages – and which does not cause inconvenience for the surrounding houses. Residents can now enjoy the playground instead of worrying about how much noise it generates.

Ringkøbing-Skjern Housing Association

Budget-friendly and high quality

In one of the areas managed by Ringkøbing-Skjern Housing Association, local children enjoy the new play equipment that has been added to their playground. With a springer and the Benja play system, there are play activities for children of all ages.

The housing association wanted to enhance the play value of their playground, but it had to be done within a limited budget. Consequently, the choice fell on LEDON Basic, which is our most budget-friendly series, and which gives you slightly more for your money. The play equipment is the same high quality as all our other equipment, but because we have optimised our internal processes and material consumption, the prices are particularly competitive.

As a result, the youngest residents in the area can now enjoy the excitement of Benja, which is a two-tower system with lots of challenges for keen climbers. Boasting a climbing wall panel, a large climbing net and sliding poles, the system has something to offer for everyone. Even the smallest children will love Benja, as one tower is equipped with a play panel at the bottom. Here, there is a small counter and a play panel, where young children can engage in cooperative play, such as playing shop.

Haslevgade, Herning

Active fun for the smallest princes and princesses

Haslevgade in Herning in central Jutland now has a genuine Castle playground, with a play system featuring the Castle series’ characteristic red towers and dungeon. Next to it is a springer in the form of the knight’s faithful companion, and finally the large modular swing set provides plenty of opportunities for having a swing.

The municipality’s old playground was spread across a large area, and a greater sense of coherence was therefore needed, also to facilitate upkeep. From the point of view of upkeep, it is also an advantage that our play equipment is made of low-maintenance and recyclable materials.

As the area is popular with childminders, it also had to be possible for smaller children to use the playground. These needs were met with a layout that focused on making the most of the available space. The choice fell on the Bodiam play system, because it has a low floor height and a ramp, which makes it accessible for younger children. Bodiam also features a number of different play activities so that several children can be engaged simultaneously. For example a dungeon, a bird’s nest and a slide.

The modular swing set with room for four different swing seats is also ideal for children of all ages. The municipality chose a baby swing seat and our safety swing seats so children of many ages can enjoy having a swing and everything else that this exciting play ground has to offer.

Note: A swing seat from an existing swing set has been fitted. Therefore, it does not appear in the product overview.

Jagtvej/Duevej, Herning

A playground with activities for children of all ages

The Municipality of Herning wanted a new playground for one of their public spaces. It was important for the playground to accommodate as wide an age group as possible.

This wish was fulfilled with play equipment from our theme world LEDON Explore. The series is particularly good for children young and old as it comprises a wide range of play equipment with many different play activities. The municipality decided on the play system Kepal. The system has play panels close to the ground, where the youngest children can play, while older children can climb up through the rope tunnel and scan the area from the lookout post. A ramp was fitted next to the slide, so younger children can join in and also have fun going down the slide.

The modular swing set with safety seats and the bird’s nest are perfect choices when catering for a wide age group. The bird’s nest in particular is ideal, as children as young as 1 year old can enjoy a swing, while older children will often use it as a place to gather, hang out and have a chat.

In this way, we collaborated with the municipality to fulfil their wishes and help them realise their dream playground.

The play system is specially designed with a ramp. The standard version is shown in the product overview.

Gartnervænget, Ringkøbing

A low-maintenance playground allows more time for play

At Gartnervænget in Ringkøbing, which comprises terraced houses and housing for young people, the housing association Ringkøbing-Skjern Boligforening has recently had a beautiful new LEDON Explore playground installed. A key requirement was that the playground had to be made of low-maintenance materials. The housing association wanted to avoid having to spend time painting the play equipment or being concerned about materials rotting. At the same time, they wanted a playground that was attractive to local children.

All our play equipment is made from polyethylene, a low-maintenance and recyclable material. We offer a life-time warranty on our polyethylene, because we know from experience that it lasts. This meant that the housing association’s requirements were met from the outset, and they could freely choose from our theme worlds to find a design that would suit them. The choice fell on the Explore series’ large Virok play system, an Off-roader playhouse and a swing set.

LEDON Explore is one of our most popular series. It is suitable for a wide age group, and comprises an extensive selection of play equipment in natural colours. Children love the jungle theme, where they can play being explorers, and the thematic play equipment therefore appeals to them and sets the scene for lots of fun and games.

Preben Langelund Hamborg, a supervisor at Ringkøbing-Skjern Boligforening, has been very pleased with the process, and says:

Our collaboration with LEDON has been extremely professional. Together we found the right solutions based on our wishes and needs. The finished playground lives up completely to our expectations. The playground will be somewhere for local children to play for many years and which only needs minimal maintenance, which is good for our operations. I would definitely recommend LEDON – it’s a company that delivers what they promise and on time.

Preben Langelund Hamborg, Supervisor

AAB Skive

In 2019, AAB in Skive changed their playground into a new low maintenance Explore playground. It was very important for the housing association that the playground did not demand much maintenance and fit into the park’s green environment. This is why the theme world Explore was chosen. The play structure is one of the series most popular ones, which especially is due to the big spiral tube slide that gives loads of thrills and laughter.

We have appreciated the close collaboration we have had with Pia and LEDON. We have gotten professional advice and guidance and a solution that fit us perfectly. We will certainly recommend LEDON to other housing associations, who needs new playgrounds.

Tommy, AAB’s caretaker