Hallingparken, Brøndby

In 2019, Hallingparken in Brøndby wanted to change their old playground to a more contemporary and maintenance-free one. The most important thing for the housing association Brøndby Strand was that the children found it fun, which is why they were allowed to vote on the playground they wanted the most.

The children went with a big Castle playground that has room for children of all ages. LEDON Castle is one of LEDON’s theme worlds, where brave princes and princess’ can unleash their imagination on the castle’s many towers and activities.

Nannasgade, Copenhagen

A gathering point for children of all ages

What is the right solution if we want a playground that meets the needs of children of all ages?

The housing association VIBO in Nannasgade in Copenhagen asked itself this very question. And in collaboration with LEDON, the choice fell on the large Saldor play system for the biggest children combined with the pirate bow section and a play kitchen for the smallest.

Saldor is a popular system because it encourages games like ‘tag’ and ‘the floor is lava’. Together with the play kitchen, the pirate bow section creates a zone for the youngest children, where they are not disturbed by older children tearing around.

The playground should be a place where children of different ages can come together, and LEDON has achieved this aim, says chair of the housing association, Michael Willer Jensen:

We need to accommodate a target group spanning from 3 years old and right up to 13-14 years. We therefore went for LEDON’s suggestion of an off-roader that appeals to young children, and at the other end a bird’s nest that can accommodate 5-6 young people at once. The climbing system is perfect for the 5 to 9-year-olds. It’s an incredibly good solution. LEDON has handled the task very professionally, and listened very closely to us. Our collaboration couldn’t have been better.

Micheal Willer Jensen, Chairman of the housing association VIBO

Vodroffsvej, Frederiksberg

A place for both small and big pirates

The children’s imagination is really activated when they visit the housing association Vibo’s new pirate-playground on Vodroffsvej on Frederiksberg.

The new playground is established with the Victoria pirate ship, which is filled with activities like a compass and a play panel with moveable parts. The children can play all around the ship, which is supported by a rubber surface.

The playground contributes to the children’s imagination and motor skills. And that is also the chairman Michael Willer Jensen’s experience when he sees the children moving about:

When I’m out to inspect the playground, I see happy children running around and playing. The pirate ship allows for their imagination to run wild. That is nice to experience. We had a consultant, who really managed to listen and ask some great questions. Those questions meant that we achieved our wishes. It makes a big difference.

Michael Willer Jensen, Chairman

The play system is specially designed with a plank. The standard version is shown in the product overview.