Haveløkken, Odense

A playground for everyone in the area to enjoy

The homeowners’ association Haveløkken wanted to renew their playground on the green area in the middle of their street. The playground is well-visited by both day care institutions and children in the area – and therefore there were many who could benefit from a new playground.

This was also one of the reasons why the municipality chose to support the construction of the playground when the homeowners’ association applied for help in financing the project. With extra money, they were able to realize their dream of a playground full of play activities for both big and small children.

The playground was designed with play equipment from our LEDON Basic and LEDON Explore series. From Basic, they got a play system that has a special focus on challenging the children’s gross motor skills with lots of climbing opportunities, while the play system from Explore is perfect for role-play when the children go exploring or make sand cakes in the kitchen. To make room for the many visiting children, the homeowners’ association chose a modular swing frame and a somersault bar as extra activities. In this way, they achieved a spacious playground that invites all the children in the area to play.

Grundejerforeningen Ærtebjerggaard, Odense

The new playground requires low maintenance

Homeowners’ association Ærtebjerggård has gotten a new Explore playground in one of the association’s green areas.

It is important for the board to have a playground, which fits naturally in the green areas and at the same time only requires low maintenance.

With both the Virok play structure, the Off-roader, and a swing set, the playground targets a wide age-group. Daycares and kindergartens from the area also enjoy the playground.

Michael Mortensen, who is chairman of the homeowners’ association, has no doubt what the choice of LEDON as a playground supplier has meant:

We have been very pleased working with LEDON. They have been very professional throughout the entire process. It was a great help with the design proposals, in order to see how the playground could look like. We would with pleasure recommend LEDON to other homeowners’ associations.

Michael Mortensen, Chairman, Homeowners’ association Ærtebjerggård.