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Balance and somersault bars

A line dancer really has to concentrate to stay on the line. Crocodiles snap for a daredevil balancing over the torrential river. Balance and motor skills are not only important for the children’s physical fitness. Also talking, reading and writing skills are closely related to a child’s balance sense.

Step by step, triumph by triumph. You really have to concentrate when climbing up on a balance beam. Balance items on a playground are perfect if you want to give the children the best conditions for optimal development – both physically, mentally and socially.

Playing with balance products strengthens the balance sense, but also concentration and self-confidence. The sensation of being able to balance and control your body makes happy and open for new challenges.

Good, better, balance

On LEDON’s balance beams, there is room enough for several children and a balancing competition. All material is maintenance-free, the surface is skid-free, and our patented springs can bend in all directions without ever pinching fingers.

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