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One just saw a leopard, another one has dug gold, and a third one swings from branch to branch like a monkey over the dangerous river. Anything can happen out in the wilderness.

Secret caves and hanging huts, climbing nets and walls, green lianes, great slides, lookouts, sand boxes, outdoor kitchens, sand mills, gold digger sinks – to make it short: Plenty of places and options to let imagination run wild! Playing out in the nature is probably the best way to stimulate body, mind and social skills. That is why our Adventure series with its untraditional design, its crooked angles and module-based activities is inspired by nature. You can combine the play structure to match your needs – and add to it later, if your needs should change.

Plenty of activities offer numberless possibilities for motor and social play on all levels and support both body awareness and learning skills.

Even though it’s wild, it’s safe

Adventure is made of FSC-certified mandioquiera and cedar wood and of maintenance-free polyethylene boards that are extremely hard-wearing and 100% non-toxic. All edges are rounded.

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